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Embarking On Financial Success: Introducing The Meristem Fixed Income Fund

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial opportunities, Meristem Wealth Management Ltd proudly takes on the role of your trusted guide to financial success, dedicated to consistently growing wealth for our valued clients.

Through a strategic and diversified approach that ensures stability and growth, the recently launched Meristem Fixed Income Fund stands as an exceptional choice for investors seeking a reliable financial partner.

The Meristem Fixed Income Fund Buzz

Within the dynamic investment landscape, the Meristem Fixed Income Fund unfolds as a treasure trove of promising opportunities. It is authorized, registered, and accessible to all eager individuals looking to explore the world of finance.

The fund strategically invests in naira-denominated fixed-income securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, top-tier banks, and reputable corporates.

Guardians of Your Wealth

Managed by financial experts at Meristem Wealth Management Limited, a subsidiary of Meristem Securities Limited, and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Meristem has solidified its position as a household name in Nigeria’s investment scene. Leveraging its expertise and experience, our team acts as guardians of your funds, dedicated to maximizing returns while minimizing risks.

What makes the Meristem Fixed Income Fund alluring?

Our fund aims to provide unitholders with a blend of long-term capital growth and regular income through a diverse portfolio of fixed-income instruments.

With a minimum investment of just 100 units, the Meristem Fixed Income Fund ensures accessibility for all investors.

Importantly, our investors enjoy flexibility, with a minimum holding period of just 90 days, and the ability to redeem units within three to five business days thereafter. Early redemptions within three months may incur a 20% fee on accrued income.

Transparent Thrills and Accountability: 

At the heart of Meristem’s operations lies a steadfast commitment to transparency and reliability. Regular reports detailing the fund’s performance, holdings, and portfolio allocation provide comprehensive information for confident decision-making. We strictly adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and offering investors the peace of mind needed to confidently embrace this financial adventure.

Ready to Embark on Your Financial Journey?

Subscribing to the Meristem Fixed Income Fund is seamless. Simply complete the available application form here on our website. When it’s time to cash in, redeem your investment effortlessly by submitting a redemption form.

Interested in Contributing More?

Certainly! The fund welcomes periodic contributions, offering an open-ended adventure with no minimum period of participation or closing date.


Every financial adventure carries its set of risks, and the investing world can be volatile. Recognizing and understanding potential pitfalls are crucial. For personalized advice, we encourage investors to reach out to Meristem and embark on their financial journey with confidence. Join the excitement and commence your financial adventure by calling us on 0700-Meristem or sending an email to .

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