Everton could receive further 9-points deduction and relegation

The Toffees are on thin ice as another investigation is launched into their wrongdoings

Everton could be facing another punishment from the Premier League, which may see them get another points deduction and an almost certain relegation, reports say.

It was revealed that 3 clubs – Burnley, Leeds and Leicester – are searching for financial compensation against the Liverpool club and their plea will be heard by three-person panel appointed by the Premier League before season’s end.

Everton’s potential new buyers 777Partners will certainly withdraw from the bid if another penalty is installed as they revealed that they are not interested in paying a compensation.

The Toffees current ownership lack the ability to cover any significant costs and as a result the club may be forced into administration.

“I am satisfied that the applicant clubs have potential claims for compensation,” David Phillips KC wrote in a judgement.

“Those claims and their validity depend on whether the complaint is upheld,”

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