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Exclusive Footage: Kelly Oubre Jr. Seen Struggling After Weekend Accident, Enters Apartment

TMZ Sports got a video of Kelly Oubre Jr. right after a car hit him over the weekend. It shows the 76ers forward struggling to walk into his apartment. He got into a hit-and-run near his home in Philadelphia on Saturday, suffering a cracked rib, hip, and leg injuries when a silver car hit him with its side-view mirror. According to sources, Oubre went home shortly after being attacked… and when his wife spotted him in severe pain, she dialed 911. In the Ring camera video, Oubre can be heard telling Shylynn that he got hit by a car while riding his bicycle inside his house. The 27-year-old was transported by ambulance to a neighbouring hospital… where medical personnel commenced treatment.

According to our sources, officials interviewed Oubre a few hours after the incident to learn more about what happened. Oubre reported the incident occurred around 15th and Spruce Street at the time, but police said there was no security video to back up his claim on Wednesday. According to TMZ Sports, two reasons are at play here: one is that Oubre was medicated and not in the appropriate frame of mind when he spoke with cops, and the other is that he is new to the area, having relocated to Philadelphia in September and not knowing his way about. Despite this, insiders say it was difficult for Oubre to locate the exact place of the collision… so he did his best. There is no official schedule for Oubre’s recovery… but some rumours suggest he could be back in action as soon as the end of the month.

Kelly Oubre Jr. Is Seen Wincing In Pain After Being Hit By A Car In A Video

TMZ Sports got a video of the NBA player, Kelly Oubre Jr., right after he got hit by a car over the weekend. The video shows him in pain as he walks to his apartment. It’s a new revelation about the hit-and-run incident involving the Philadelphia 76ers guard. Oubre Jr. sustained a broken rib, as well as hip and leg injuries when a silver automobile hit him with a side-view mirror outside his Philadelphia home on Saturday. Oubre was seen straining to walk as he pushed a bicycle into his home just minutes following the incident, according to Ring camera footage. When Oubre returned home, his wife dialled 911 due to his severe agony. He was subsequently transported by ambulance to a neighbouring hospital for treatment. According to sources, officials interviewed Oubre a few hours after the incident to obtain information regarding the crash.

The latest developments in the police inquiry, however, call into question the veracity of Oubre’s claim. According to police, there is no security video confirming Oubre’s assertion that the incident occurred between 15th and Spruce Street. According to sources, two things contributed to the discrepancy: Oubre was medicated and not in the correct frame of mind during the interview, and because he was new to the area, he may have found it difficult to locate the exact place. So far, surveillance footage retrieved does not show the alleged incident at the Centre City crossroads. Police, on the other hand, have not charged Oubre with anything and have stated that the investigation is ongoing. While there is no official recovery timeframe, several rumours indicate that Oubre could be back in action by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Oubre’s teammates, particularly Tyrese Maxey, have spoken about their support for him. Following the disaster, Maxey devoted his 50-point performance to Oubre.

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