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Fletcher Cox: Profession, Brother, Family, Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

Fletcher Cox, The NFL Star Player

As of November 2023, the financial playbook of Fletcher Cox, the defensive force of the Philadelphia Eagles, reveals a huge net worth.

 Let’s dive into the story behind this impressive figure.

Early Life Insights

Born on December 13, 1990, in Mississippi, Fletcher Cox’s journey to NFL stardom began at Mississippi State University.

As a junior in 2011, he earned the title of All-American by Pro Football Weekly, showcasing his prowess with 103 total tackles, 11 quarterback sacks, and two interceptions, one of which resulted in a memorable touchdown.

Fletcher Cox’s NFL Stardom

Selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, Cox quickly became a linchpin in the team’s defense.

His size, strength, and agility have consistently disrupted opposing offenses, leading to multiple Pro Bowl and All-Pro team selections.

The Drafting Drama

The pivotal moment for Cox’s professional career unfolded in the 2012 NFL Draft, where the Philadelphia Eagles strategically traded up to secure him as the 12th overall pick.

Fletcher Cox(@Instagram)

This move marked him as the highest-selected Mississippi State Bulldog since 1983, emphasizing his early potential and impact on the field.

The Selfless Warrior

In the 3-4 defensive setup, linemen like Cox often work behind the scenes, setting traps and creating opportunities for their teammates.

Cox embodies the spirit of a selfless teammate, content with doing the gritty work that might go unnoticed.

“We want to be a grimy group of guys who come in and play nasty the whole game,” Cox asserts

Shifting Tides: Defensive Evolution

The Eagles’ transition to a 3-4 defense in 2013 prompted a position shift for Cox, who seamlessly adapted to his new role as a defensive end.

Throughout the season, he demonstrated his versatility, starting all 16 games and concluding with 44 tackles, three sacks, three passes defended, and a crucial fumble recovery

Cox’s Impact Beyond The Field

Beyond his athletic achievements, Fletcher Cox is known for his community involvement and philanthropic endeavors.

Actively supporting various charitable initiatives, he utilizes his platform to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Career Challenges And Triumphs

Cox’s journey has not been without its challenges.

On October 14, 2013, his fiery competitiveness led to an ejection after a scuffle with Detroit Lions players, resulting in a hefty $21,000 fine.

Despite this setback, Cox’s resilience and commitment to excellence have solidified his status as a Super Bowl champion and a five-time Pro Bowler.

Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox(@Instagram)

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Fletcher Cox: His Professional Life

Fletcher Cox, born on December 13th, 1990, in Yazoo City, Mississippi, has carved a remarkable path in the National Football League as a formidable defensive tackle.

Early Years In Yazoo City

Fletcher Cox’s journey to NFL stardom began at Yazoo City High School, where he showcased his athletic prowess in football, basketball, and track.

Recognized as the No. 5 weakside defensive end in the nation by, Cox emerged as the No. 2 prospect in the football-rich state of Mississippi.

His talent earned him a spot in the prestigious Mississippi-Alabama High School All-Star game after an outstanding senior season.

College Recruitment And Mississippi Days

Amidst interest from various SEC teams, Cox ultimately chose to don the colors of the University of Mississippi.

His three-season stint from 2009 to 2011 was nothing short of spectacular, amassing 114 solo tackles, 8.5 sacks, and 24.5 tackles for loss in 36 games.

Cox’s dominance on the field was duly recognized as he earned the titles of First-Team All-SEC and First Team All-American during his junior year in 2011.

Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox(@Instagram)

NFL Draft And Philadelphia Eagles Tenure

  • The pinnacle of Fletcher Cox’s collegiate success came in the 2012 NFL Draft when the Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the first round with the 12th overall pick.
  • The Eagles’ decision to trade up in the draft proved to be a game-changer.
  • Cox wasted no time making an impact, recording a sack in his inaugural NFL game and tying for the team lead with 5.5 sacks, earning him PFWA All-Rookie Team honors.

Age And Birthday Celebration

At 32 years old, Fletcher Cox brings a wealth of experience to the NFL, celebrating his birthday on December 13 each year.

This phase in his career is synonymous with leadership and expertise.

Height And Weight

Standing at an imposing 193 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 4 inches) and weighing in at 141 kilograms (310 pounds), Cox’s physical attributes make him a formidable force on the defensive line.

NFL Career

  • Seven seasons into his NFL career, Fletcher Cox has become a stalwart in the Eagles’ defense, amassing impressive stats.
  • His 44.5 career sacks stand as a testament to his prowess, making him the all-time leader in sacks by an interior defensive lineman in Eagles history.

Fletcher Cox Enjoying Dinner At A Restaurant

  • Cox’s contributions haven’t gone unnoticed, as he earned Pro Bowl nominations four times, the most for an Eagles defensive tackle, and secured Second-Team All-Pro honors in 2014, 2015, and 2017.

Overcoming Tragedy: A Pattern In Cox’s Life

Fletcher Cox’s journey in the NFL has been marred by personal tragedies, including the untimely deaths of his best friend Melvin Baker and his grandmother, Jimmie Lee Cox Hankins.

These losses forced Cox to confront the fragility of life, reshaping his perspective and propelling him to strive for a higher purpose both on and off the field.

Yazoo City Roots: Tony Woolfolk’s Influence

Tony Woolfolk, a high school acquaintance of Cox’s mother, played a pivotal role in convincing Fletcher’s mom to allow him to pursue football.

Despite initial reservations, Woolfolk recognized Cox’s potential early on. His high school coach recounts a defining moment that showcased Cox’s tenacity and hinted at a promising future in football

The Recruiting Dilemma: Cox’s Reluctance

As college recruiters vied for Cox’s attention, he grappled with the overwhelming process. Cox, preferring the simplicity of football, car repairs, and fishing, leaned on his brother Shaddrick for guidance.

Shaddrick’s mentorship played a crucial role in Cox’s decision to attend Mississippi State, showcasing the profound impact of family bonds

Super Bowl Triumph And Continued Success

Cox’s impact reached its zenith during the 2017 season when he played a pivotal role in leading the Eagles’ stout defense to a Super Bowl 52 victory against the New England Patriots on February 4th, 2018.

This triumph marked a historic moment for both Cox and the Eagles.

Notably, his exceptional performance in 2018, tallying a career-high 10.5 sacks, earned him First-Team All-Pro honors from the Associated Press.

Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox(@Instagram)

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Fletcher Cox: Brother, Family, Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

In the midst of triumphs and tribulations, NFL star Fletcher Cox emerges as more than just a formidable defensive force for the Philadelphia Eagles.

A Brother, A Father Figure

Shaddrick Cox wasn’t merely an older sibling; he played a pivotal role as a father figure for Fletcher.

Growing up in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the Cox siblings faced adversity, and Shaddrick took on the responsibility of being the man of the house.

Cox emphasizes the positive influence his brother had, shaping his character and providing unwavering support.

The Work Ethic That Defines Greatness

“He’s a great football player,” attests nose tackle Benny Logan, a fellow pillar in the Eagles’ defensive lineup.

“He puts in work to be great. He doesn’t do a lot of talking. He just goes out and puts in the work.

He shows up every time on the field and he dominates.”

The Heartfelt Loss Of Shaddrick Cox

Fletcher Cox’s world was forever altered on January 5th when his older brother, Shaddrick, succumbed to a sudden heart attack.

The 1999 two-door Chevrolet Tahoe, a symbol of Shaddrick’s automotive passion, stood as a poignant reminder of dreams unfulfilled.

Cox reflects on the profound difficulty of losing his brother and the struggle to find solace amidst the pain

Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox(@Instagram)

The Impact Of Loss On Greatness

Fletcher Cox, the linchpin of the Eagles’ formidable defense, acknowledges that a part of him went with his brother.

The bond between the two was not just familial; it was the catalyst for Fletcher’s journey to greatness in the world of football.

Shaddrick’s influence transcended familial ties; he was the driving force behind Fletcher’s work ethic and determination.

A Career Forged In Grief

This grief-laden journey began in Mississippi, where Fletcher, under Shaddrick’s guidance, honed his skills and set the foundation for a career in the NFL.

The Cox brothers’ story is not just about football prowess; it’s a testament to overcoming adversity and turning pain into power.

Fletcher Cox owes his success to Shaddrick, and with every play on the field, he pays homage to the memory of his departed brother

Calculating The Score: Cox’s Net Worth Breakdown

As of the latest update on March 8, 2023, Fletcher Cox’s net worth stands proudly at $30 million.

This significant sum is a testament to his skill, dedication, and strategic financial decisions off the field.

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