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Georgetown university offers Africans scholarships to study women human rights law

Georgetown University Law Center in Georgetown university, Washington D.C in the United States is offering a scholarship/ fellowship to train women’s human rights lawyers from Africa.

TheTimes learns that the program is administered under the Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Program and is for students who are committed to returning home to their countries to advance the status of women and girls throughout their careers.

Program structure

The program has the following structure:

  • LAWA Fellowship Program runs for approximately 14 months, commencing in July of the first year and concluding in late August of the following year. 
  • It begins in early July with Fellows attending Foundations of American Law and U.S. Legal English courses. 
  • From August to May, Fellows will pursue a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at Georgetown, focusing on international women’s human rights, and complete a significant graduate thesis. Fellows can also apply for a specialized LL.M. or certificate program thereafter.
  • Throughout the program, participants will engage in professional development seminars and networking events with recent U.S. law school graduates in the field of women’s rights. Upon graduation, Fellows have the option to undertake an internship, although not every Fellow secures an appropriate placement.

LAWA Fellowship covers tuition, accommodation and health insurance. Other expenses must be borne by the student.

Eligibility requirements 

  • To be eligible, candidates must be women’s human rights lawyers from Africa possessing an LL.B. or an equivalent law degree.
  • Those applying directly from an LL.B. program or law school without work experience will not be considered.
  • Individuals committed to advocating for women’s rights are strongly encouraged to submit their applications.
  • Preference is given to candidates residing and working in Africa without an existing Master’s Degree.
  • While the most competitive applicants generally have five to ten years of post-law school experience, individuals with different experience levels will be taken into account.
  • All applicants must commit to returning to their home countries upon the completion of the Fellowship. Additionally, they must pledge to dedicate their best professional efforts to advancing women’s human rights throughout their careers.
  • Strong English language skills, both written and oral, are a requirement for applicants.
  • Proficiency in using computers for drafting papers and conducting research is also essential.


  • The LAWA Program covers expenses for candidates who would otherwise face financial barriers to pursuing an LL.M. degree and additional professional development training.
  • The LAWA Fellowship includes tuition for the mandatory Foundations of American Law and Legal Education course, conducted from mid-July to mid-August (a $5,000 benefit), and covers the full cost of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the Georgetown University Law Center (a  benefit of $78,422).
  • Accommodation on-campus is provided for the initial three weeks of the summer program (a benefit of $1,400 benefit).
  • Students also receive $2,000 towards health insurance expenses and can claim reimbursement of up to $300 for required textbooks for each of the two semesters.

Application Procedure

To apply, applicants must fill an application form which has three essay questions and attach the following:

Current Resume or CV, indicating:

  • Your work history encompasses both paid and volunteer roles.
  • Your educational journey from high school to the current level.
  • Engagement in extracurricular activities.
  • Publications such as articles, books, reports, or notable research papers.
  • Distinctions, awards, scholarships, or fellowships received.
  • Participation in organizations, community activities, and any leadership positions held.

Letters of Recommendation 

  • Two Letters of Recommendation (reference letters) from individuals familiar with your dedication to promoting women’s human rights in your nation, your legal capabilities, and your professional contributions. 
  • One reference should be from someone willing to support you professionally upon your reintegration into your home country. 
  • Recommendations should highlight your specific skills and knowledge.

Transcript from the institution granting your law degree must be sent. Find more details here.

The completed application must be sent via e-mail to by Friday, January 19, 2024. There is no need to apply separately to Georgetown.

Applications can be made here before the January 19 deadline.


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