Magodo: Residents express worries on planned link roads to Wetlands, list effects

The Magodo GRA phase II Residents Association has called on Lagos State Government to desist from its plans to build link roads to the Wetlands through the Estate.

Engr. Sheriff Daramola, Chairman of the Association made the call Wednesday in Lagos.

Daramola was addressing press on the alleged threat to the Estate’s safety and security by land speculators (Aka Omo Oniles) purportedly being aided by the Lagos by the State government.

Instead, Daramola advised that the link roads should be constructed from the Otedola underpass which is currently free of development and unencumbered, adding that it would will put nobody or interest under needless stress and danger.

“The Estate is allowed to reinstate the perimeter wall in order to shield her residents and their property from the devastation listed above.

“The Lagos State Government where it insists on developing the Wetlands, do nothing that will be inimical to the safety, security and quality of life of Magodo Ph. II residents”.

According to Daramola, “Magodo GRA Ph. II is a low-medium density Estate (by design) that until recently has enjoyed relative peace and security. It was the attraction for most residents that elected to live in the Estate either as 1st generation owners or subsequent investors. 

“Bounding the Estate is a stretch of Wetlands that runs from under the Otedola bridge to Agiliti, Mile 12 & on to Ikorodu. The Wetland amongst other ecological benefits serves as a natural storm collector and flood control container for all storm water from Agidingbi, Ikeja, Ogba etc. It is also the singular flood plain that has shielded Magodo from soil erosion, flooding and flood disasters over the decades.


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“However, in recent past, land speculators and developers aided by LASG, the Physical Planning & Urban Development officials and Local Council Development Area Chairperson have decided on building the Wetland and are bent on making an incursion therein through Magodo Ph. II. 

“This we see as an effort not only inimical to the preservation of natural disaster mitigating enclaves but a direct threat to the environment, safety and security of a community (currently >10,000) of Lagos state residents who have lived peacefully and secured in this domain for more than the past 30 years”. 

The Chairman of established that actions of the Lagos the Phyiscal Planning Commissioner & Urban Development, Dr. Olumide, the Ikosi-Isheri LCDA Chairperson “is to slot in the access to the wetland through Magodo in the scheme. It’s  a connivance with Omo-Onile, the police, the developers and LCDA chairperson to achieve this”. 

Engr. Daramola stressed further that the Estate believed that building up wetlands that hitherto offered natural ecological balance is not advisable but understand that the Government in its wisdom is at liberty to do as it wishes”. 

He however, warned that “this should not be done at the expense of the greater percentage of the citizens just for the pecuniary gains of a few and that exactly is what accessing the Wetland by building a link road through Magodo Ph.II Estate will be”.

“The Wetlands as mentioned above leads to Agility, Mile 12 and Ikorodu Road. Where access for developing the Wetland is granted through Magodo and the link road is built, the following are definite and unavoidable” Daramola stressed.

Daramola indicated that the Estate had in a preemptive action and at great cost erected a perimeter fence to wall in the enclave and protect her residents and environment from all listed above but this fence was pulled down at no notice by the Lagos State Building Control Agency accompanied by a truckload of armed anti- riot police in a brazen invasion of the Estate on November 1, 2023; in spite of protestations by residents. 

That particular experience, amongst similar ones left all who witnessed the Chairman lamented was “distraught and traumatized”. 

Daramola said the residents of the Estate  are law abiding citizens who are not seeking to stop Government and its agents to build up the Wetlands, *even though we think it’s an environmental unfriendly move, but only ask that we are not denied our right to self-preservation by exposing us and our investments to severe security threats and dangers.”

He the roads would expose the Magodo Ph. II  Estate to same complications already flooded areas like Agility, Owode Elede, Odo Iya Alaro, Ogudu, Kosofe, Demurin, and others are currently battling with.

Daramola listed the negative impacts to include: “Resultant massive traffic flow in movement of goods and services through Magodo Estate as a throughfare is a threat to existing infrastructures in the Estate and will also inevitably have a consequent rise in insecurity of lives and property.

“There will be higher incidences of flooding and soil erosion. As we speak, activities in the wetlands are already affecting existing building foundations as we have started experiencing land shifts/slides that’s pulling down part of properties along the corridor of the proposed road and those close to the boundary.

“The Estate’s social life that hitherto supported a reasonable degree of serenity and good mental and physiological health will be disrupted by attendant security issues and high vehicular movement.

“A lot of residents will be distressed and forced to leave Magodo due to security challenges, safety and flood, fast depreciation of existing buildings, public infrastructure, etc.

“A lot of pupils who walk to/from school daily use the same route that’s being attempted to be made a highway and all shall be affected with security issues and vehicular movements”.

Daramola address was on behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee, the CMC, CCC and entire residents of Magodo GRA Ph II.

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