Matt Rife Airplane Tweet: Scandal And Controversy Explained

Matt Rife airplane tweet has become the topic of discussion as it sparked outrage and criticism from many people who found it insensitive and disrespectful.

Matt Rife, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, rose to fame via TikTok, showcasing his comedic prowess through self-produced specials and appearances on popular comedy platforms such as Wild’ n Out and Bring the Funny.

However, his journey hasn’t been without turbulence, as his humor often toes the line between entertainment and offense, sparking controversies that have ignited backlash from various quarters.

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Matt Rife Airplane Tweet

Rife’s most recent controversy stemmed from a tweet centered around airplane crashes, a topic inherently sensitive due to the tragic implications associated with such incidents.

Many people found Matt Rife airplane tweet to be insensitive and disrespectful to the victims of plane accidents. (Image Source: Facebook)

His quip about surviving a crash struck a nerve with many, leading to accusations of insensitivity toward the victims.

The comedian tweeted: “Bro, I’m DYING at how people think surviving airplane crashes would go down. If my backpack under MY legs, someone causes YOU to “not survive” an emergency landing… you weren’t fit for this world.

Rife later tweeted: “I know you all were worried. My backpack and I made it. Now I can nap well, knowing I pissed off so many strangers who care way too much.”

The subsequent dismissive tone in his response to the criticism only fueled the fire, revealing a lack of remorse for the offense caused by his brand of dark and edgy humor.

Matt Rife Scandal and Controversy

Matt Rife’s past tweets, often appearing and disappearing swiftly, have been marred with allegations of racism.

A deleted tweet during the COVID-19 pandemic targeted the cast of “Parasite” at the Oscars, drawing sharp criticism for its racially charged undertones.

Matt Rife airplane tweet
Matt Rife has faced criticism and backlash for his offensive and insensitive jokes. (Image Source: X)

“Everyone at the #Oscars watching to see if the cast of Parasite coughs,” implying that the Asian actors were infected with the coronavirus.

A Twitter user replied, “You’re not funny, you’re a douchebag. Besides the obvious reason that the cast is from KOREA and not China, racism isn’t funny PERIODT.”

Meanwhile, the comedian quickly deleted his tweet but then said that he posted a joke on here and on my IG Story, and the reactions were ASTOUNDINGLY different.

“Just goes to show THIS is the worst social media platform. Bunch of cry babies,” Matt added.

Rife’s seemingly nonchalant attitude towards the uproar only fueled the already blazing controversy, highlighting a recurring pattern.

Matt Rife Old Tweets Resurfaced In 2016

Rife’s old tweets with racist and homophobic slurs dating back to 2012 resurfaced in 2016.

As reported by Nicki Swift, Rife reportedly had a heated argument on Twitter with another user named Brandon Wardell, which led to his old tweets being exposed.

In some of the tweets, the comedian repeatedly used slurs that are racist and homophobic.

The outlet reported that Rife tried to justify himself on Snapchat, but many people were angry and outraged at the comedian. Rife also made an offensive joke that year when he tweeted,

“#ifihadasuperpower it would be to jump high and run fast… I would be called ‘Black Guy,’” according to Radar.

In a 2017 interview, Rife vehemently denied accusations of racism and homophobia, attributing his past comments to youthful ignorance.

However, his subsequent near-miss with controversy due to another problematic comment emphasized that the shadow of past controversies continued to loom over his career.

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