Nigerians should place national interests above personal ambitions: FG

The director-general of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Lanre Isa-Onilu, has urged Nigerians to place the country’s interests above personal, ethnic, and religious affiliations in their actions and decisions.

Mr Isa-Onilu, who gave this advice in a statement on Tuesday, said such would foster national unity, progress and sustainable development within the country.

He said placing the interests of Nigeria above personal, ethnic, religious, or regional affiliations was paramount to achieving a stronger and more united nation.

“Our collective responsibility towards the growth and development of our beloved country should transcend individual ambitions or sectional interests. Nigeria is a tapestry woven with various ethnic groups, languages, and traditions,” the NOA boss stated. 

Mr Isa-Onilu added, “Embracing this diversity and promoting inclusivity are vital steps toward building a stronger and more cohesive nation. Respecting one another’s beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds is pivotal to our collective progress. 

“National cohesion and progress can only be achieved when every citizen actively contributes to the greater good of Nigeria.”

The NOA director-general added that prioritising Nigeria involved fostering unity and tolerance among diverse ethnic groups and promoting peace and security.

According to him, prioritising Nigeria also has to do with contributing to economic growth and supporting the nation’s educational and infrastructural development.

“This call echoes the agency’s resolve to unite Nigerians under a common goal of advancing the nation’s interests, as well as building a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria for all,” Mr Isa-Onilu explained.


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