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Nollywood: 4 Highest grossing movies in October

This October, the Nigerian box office took centre stage, featuring a lineup of top-grossing movies that enthralled audiences across the nation.

From compelling narratives to visually stunning experiences, the diverse array of films showcased the burgeoning strength of the Nigerian film industry.

According to data from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), Nollywood movies asserted their dominance between October 13 and 19, 2023.

Nine local productions secured spots in the top 20 Nigeria box office list, collectively amassing an impressive N54.4 million in box office sales.

This figure accounted for a substantial 43.7% of the total N96.6 million generated by the top 20 movies during that period, as reported by the Cinema Association of Nigeria.

In a further breakdown based on exclusive data from CEAN, TheTimes observed that box office revenue stood at N415,913,761 for October, with an attendance of 149,187 visitors to the cinema.

During the weekend of October 13-19, the 20 movies collectively garnered N62.3 million, with Nollywood contributing significantly with N34 million.

Notably, one of the standout performers of the week was the highly anticipated “Merry Men 3,” the latest offering from popular Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Makun, known as AY, which raked in a substantial N33.4 million in box office sales within just one week.

As the month progressed, certain titles managed to maintain their positions in the top 20, showcasing the enduring appeal of these cinematic creations.

Check out the list of highest-grossing Nollywood movies in October.

Currently, Merry Men 3 has exceeded the N100 million benchmark, while Small Talk is nearing an N20 million ticket sale revenue.

Despite being released a month earlier, Something Like Gold and Weekend to Forget continue to enjoy sustained popularity, underscoring the ongoing demand for content among cinema-goers.

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