NPower Makes New Announcement on Payment of Stipends – Read Details Here

NPower Makes New Announcement on Payment of Stipends – Read Details Here

Get the latest update on NPower as the program confirms the exit of Batch A and B participants. While clarifying the status of previous batches, the program remains silent on Batch C, prompting questions from social media users. Learn about efforts to address stipend payment concerns and the program’s debunking of false claims about the 2023 application. Stay informed on GoldenNewsNg for accurate information on N-Power.

NPower New Announcement on Payment of Stipends

In a recent announcement, the N-Power program has officially confirmed the exit of Batch A and B participants. The disclosure, conveyed through the program’s official social media handle, stated, “Please note that Batch A and B is no longer in the program.”

Batch A, initiated in September 2016, concluded its four-year tenure under the N-Power scheme during the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration. Subsequently, Batch B beneficiaries were on board from August 2018 to July 2020. The NPower initiative, recognized as one of Africa’s largest post-tertiary job schemes, has been operational since 2016.

While clarity has been provided on the fate of Batch A and B, the program has remained silent on the status of NPower Batch C. This silence has sparked inquiries on social media about the government’s position regarding Batch C participants.

In response to questions about the NPower pending stipend payments, NPower management assured beneficiaries that efforts are underway to address outstanding payment issues. The program emphasized the active involvement of Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, and Akindele Egbuwalo, the N-Power National Programme Manager, in resolving payment concerns.

Addressing a related issue, the program debunked circulating claims on social media suggesting that the N-Power application for 2023 is currently ongoing. A fact-check by clarified that the N-Power application is not open at this time.

It is crucial to note that all eligible beneficiaries are expected to receive their outstanding stipends, and N-Power encourages former participants to exercise patience as payment issues are being addressed. The N-Power program, initiated by the APC in 2016, spans various sectors, including education, agriculture, health, and tax industries.

As the program continues its operations, stakeholders await further updates on the status and involvement of Batch C beneficiaries.

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