NPower News on Pending Backlog Payment Update Today 28 November 2023

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Update on NPower Stipend Payments: No Acknowledgments Received as of November 28, 2023

As of the time of publishing this article on November 28, 2023, it’s important to note that no NPower beneficiary has acknowledged receiving any payment from the NPower management. This indicates that, as of the specified date, there have been no reported payments.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to monitor the situation closely. For the latest and accurate information on NPower stipends and payments, keep checking for real-time updates on

If you happened to miss our previous update, we also added the recap of the latest NPower news

Will Management Commence NPower Payment  Today 27th November 2023 As Rumored? See Fact

In this latest update on Npower News, we tackle the much-discussed rumor surrounding the payment of the long-awaited 9-month backlog of stipends. It has been circulating online that the payment might happen today, on the 27th of November 2023.

However, before we delve into the details, it’s crucial to emphasize that any information not officially communicated by the N-Power management should be treated as unverified until proven otherwise.

While the Npower management team did confirm the intention to clear the outstanding debt owed to beneficiaries by November 2023, they did not specifying the exact date for the payment. This lack of a fixed date led to speculation on social media about a possible payment today.

We want to reassure you that it’s essential to stay calm and exercise patience. As of now, the rumored payment date is not officially confirmed by NPower management. Our advice is not to set high expectations today. If the payment does happen, that’s fantastic! However, if it doesn’t, rest assured that being patient is key.

Remember, relying on official communication from the N-Power management ensures accurate and verified information. Don’t be swayed by social media rumors. Stay tuned for updates from reliable sources,like NPower Official Channels,  and we’ll keep you informed on any developments regarding the stipends payment.

Stay calm, stay informed, and let’s navigate this together. Your patience will be rewarded when the official communication comes through.


Why FG Is Yet To Pay NPower Backlog Stipends Despite Recovering Funds

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) recently announced the commencement of the disbursement of outstanding stipends to former N-Power beneficiaries, scheduled from Monday, November 27th to November 30th, 2023. However, concerns are mounting as the Federal Government has not yet disbursed the nine-month stipends for Batch C beneficiaries, despite the reported recovery of funds. This delay prompts a closer look at the factors contributing to the ongoing payment challenges.

Payment Plans and Fund Recovery:

While NASIMS has outlined plans to address the payment backlog, the disbursement of stipends for Batch C beneficiaries faces delays. The government has reportedly recovered funds from alleged looters, leading to expectations of prompt payments. However, the process is intricate, involving the validation of beneficiary eligibility and the restructuring of the program into the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme.

Ministerial Efforts and Program Restructuring:

Minister Betta Edu is actively working to clear the pending payments and facilitate the redesign of the N-Power program. The delay is attributed to comprehensive efforts to review and validate beneficiary eligibility, ensuring that stipends are allocated to deserving individuals.

Payment Failure Resolution:

Beneficiaries facing payment failures currently encounter restrictions in accessing the dashboard for updates. Despite the challenges, the Ministry holds detailed records of beneficiaries with payment issues and plans to disburse pending payments once validations are successfully completed.

Delayed Payments Addressed:

The NPower program beneficiaries have expressed concerns about the delayed payment of their outstanding 9-month payments. In response, the management of the Npower program assures beneficiaries that their concerns have not been overlooked. According to the recent announcement by NPower management, they revealed that the Ministry and the management team are actively working to resolve all Npower backlog payment issues, assuring beneficiaries that they will soon receive their due payments soon.

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Renewed Hope Agenda Initiatives:

Under the Ministry’s renewed hope agenda initiative, several programs have commenced. Recently, HM Dr. Betta Edu announced the launch of an Empowerment Program for Millions of People Living with Disabilities across the country. The Federal Government has approved 10% of all humanitarian and social safety interventions for persons living with disabilities across Nigeria.

As part of the Renewed Hope Agenda, the Federal Government also introduced “MARKET MONI,” aiming to pull 1.5 million market women out of poverty by supporting their small businesses. Details on how to access the FG 1.5M GEEP IYALOJA Market Trader Loan are available for those interested.

Anticipation for Something Cool:

The National Social Intervention Programme Agency (NSIPA), overseeing the affairs of the N-Power program and other social intervention programs, is gearing up for a new initiative. The NSIPA portal is being set up for “something cool,” generating curiosity and anticipation among the public. Stay tuned for further details.

Possible Enrollment for New Beneficiaries:

Reports suggest that the management of the Npower program is considering opening the portal to temporarily enroll new beneficiaries into the RHJCP. As the situation unfolds, hopeful candidates are encouraged to keep an eye out for updates, and fingers crossed for positive developments.

Stay connected for more updates on Npower and related programs. The management is actively addressing concerns and working towards the successful implementation of various initiatives under the renewed hope agenda.


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