Obasanjo Advocates for ‘Afro Democracy Says Western Liberal Democracy Unfit

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo made a compelling argument against the applicability of Western liberal democracy in the African context in a recent high-level consultation in Abeokuta. Emphasizing that the Western model fails to consider Africa’s unique history, culture, and traditions, Obasanjo asserted that it has not effectively represented the majority’s views on the continent.

As the convener of the event, Obasanjo proposed the concept of ‘Afro Democracy’ as a more suitable alternative for African countries. He criticized Western liberal democracy, describing it as a system where a few individuals govern the entire population, and these representatives may not fully embody the interests of all citizens.

Obasanjo questioned the legitimacy of a system that excludes the majority, advocating for a shift towards a more inclusive form of governance. He highlighted the inherent weaknesses of liberal democracy, particularly when it comes to representing the diverse voices within society.

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According to the former President, the essence of any government system should prioritize the welfare and well-being of all citizens. He challenged the audience to critically examine the performance of Western democracy, considering its origin and the impact of colonial powers on its implementation in Africa.

Obasanjo called for a reevaluation of existing systems, urging leaders to look inward and outward for lessons from their country’s culture, traditions, and practices. The goal is to learn from experiences, both within Africa and globally, to develop a system of government that better serves the needs of the people.

In essence, the consultation aimed to encourage thought leaders in academia and experienced politicians to collaboratively assess the strengths and weaknesses of liberal democracy. The goal is to generate ideas and recommendations for a more effective and inclusive system tailored to the realities of Africa.

Obasanjo’s call to “think out of the box” emphasizes the need for innovative solutions that consider Africa’s unique context. The consultation served as a platform for leaders of thought to engage in a meaningful discourse on the future of governance in the continent, with an emphasis on fostering a system that truly represents and benefits all its people.

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