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Osun: Labour Party former presidential aspirant cautions Adeleke against ‘wasteful’ spending

In line with the mantra of Governor Ademola Adeleke’s administration, ‘Imole De’ (Light has come), a former presidential aspirant on the platform of Labour Party (LP), Comrade Faduri Oluwadare Joseph (aka Fadojoe), has advised him to shun excessive spending with a view to letting his government become a beacon of light for the citizens.

In a YouTube broadcast, Joseph called on Governor Adeleke to give his best to serve the people, adding that good governance is the best reward he could give Osun state.

“My dear Governor Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke, your slogan is ‘Imole De’ meaning, ‘Light has come’, I plead with you that you give your best to serve the good people of Osun state.

“Let your administration truly bring the expected light to our people who sacrificed so much to get you elected and supported you so much all through the election petition tribunal up to the supreme court. Good governance is the best reward you can give our dear great people of Osun state,” he said.

The former LP presidential aspirant appealed to the governor to desist from making outrageous expenditures like some governors of other states in Nigeria.

Fadojoe regretted that some governors within the first three months in office spent state finances recklessly.

He further said, “I’ve been talking about issues concerning the entire country, but at this juncture, it’s expedient for me to talk about the issues that affect Osun state, being my very state of origin after the release of the budget that we heard of what some governors spent in just three months, it’s ridiculous to hear of how much our leaders are wasting in this country.

“Specifically for Osun state, as one of the states that is thriving in the South West zone of Nigeria, the state that the people are predominantly civil servants, traders and also prides in agricultural production; with resources in cocoa, gold and even crude oil that has not been well exploited in the state.”

He noted that Osun state has so many roads that needed to be constructed, a state that requires state of the art library and stadium, a state where schools are in bad shape that need to be renovated and totally overhauled.

According to him, it is unacceptable that in some schools, pupils still sit on the floor of their classrooms to learn.

“In my opinion, a governor in Nigeria should not spend above N100 million in a month for meals and welfare, especially, with the present situation of this country. And anything more than that, I will tag it high level of corruption.

“For instance, if my governor spends even N1 billion in three months instead of N6 billion, there would have been N5 billion left from this and that could have been enough to create jobs and get some youths employed or to construct many roads in Osun state that lead towns and villages together; to facilitate smoother movement for people like traders, for farmers to convey their farm products and other vehicular movements that would have positively impacted the economy of the state.

“Things cannot continue like this if our leaders truly want to serve our people.

“Considering the expenditure of Osun state with the revenue generated based on available record, the state is generating N43 billion and the expenditure is put at N42 billion. That means the state only generates to spend,” he said.

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