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Raphael Dwamena Death Cause And Heart Condition Facts

The Disturbing Deliberation of Raphael Dwamena to Eliminate the Defibrillator Prior to a Tragedious Defibrillator Failure While on the Field. The premature demise of Ghana striker and former LaLiga star Raphael Dwamena has stunned the footballing community.

A year prior to his tragic demise on the pitch, Dwamena elected to have his defibrillator removed, according to a shocking revelation now forthright from his cardiologist.


1. “Heartbreaking Revelation”: Dwamena’s Shocking Decision Unveiled Discover the startling revelation about former LaLiga star Raphael Dwamena’s personal decision to remove his defibrillator a year before the tragic on-field collapse.

2. “A Heartbreaking Saga”: On-Field Collapse Shakes Football Community Explore the details of the shocking incident as Dwamena collapses during an Albanian league game, sending shockwaves through the football world and leaving fans in mourning.

3. “Cardiologist’s Account”: Insights into Dwamena’s Heart Condition Delve into the cardiologist’s perspective as Dr. Antonio Asso provides insights into Dwamena’s serious ventricular arrhythmia, the insertion of the defibrillator, and the challenging decision to remove it.

4. “Legacy and Condolences”: Football Community Pays Tribute Celebrate Raphael Dwamena’s legacy as the top scorer in the Albanian Super League, and witness the outpouring of condolences from the Ghana Football Association and Spanish clubs Levante and Zaragoza.

The Shocking Revelation – Dwamena’s Decision to Remove Defibrillator

Unexpectedly, it has come to light that Raphael Dwamena, a former representative of Ghana and former player in La Liga, opted to have his defibrillator removed of his own volition.

The disclosure has sparked inquiries regarding the conditions that precipitated this choice and its ramifications on his unfortunate demise.

A Heartbreaking News – The On-Field Collapse and Immediate Aftermath

The 28-year-old collapsed during a league match for KF Egnatia against Partizani in Albania. Notwithstanding the prompt medical intervention and the concerted efforts of his teammates, Dwamena failed to recover.

Within the twenty-fourth minute of the match, a shocking incident transpired, which devastated the football community and claimed the life of a gifted player.

Cardiologist’s Account – Serious Ventricular Arrhythmia and Tragic Decision

Dr. Antonio Asso, the cardiologist attending to Dwamena, has offered an analysis of the player’s cardiac condition, characterizing it as a “serious ventricular arrhythmia.”

Dwamena opted to remove the defibrillator from his person, notwithstanding its insertion, a personal decision that ultimately played a role in his tragic demise.

Dr. Asso contemplates the medical counsel imparted to Dwamena and the obstacles encountered in persuading him to place his well-being above his vocational pursuits.

Legacy and Condolences – Ghana Mourns the Loss of a Football Star

Raphael Dwamena, the Albanian Super League’s leading scorer this season, had a bright future ahead of him. The football community has extended sincere condolences in response to his untimely death, and the Ghana Football Association has also expressed its profound sorrow.

Levante and Zaragoza, both Spanish clubs that previously employed Dwamena, also extended their condolences to the former player.

The disclosure of Raphael Dwamena’s choice to detach his defibrillator introduces a poignant dimension to the lamentable account of his premature demise.

In the midst of the football community’s sorrow over the demise of a gifted athlete, inquiries persist regarding the intricacies involved in managing personal health alongside professional athletics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Raphael Dwamena choose to remove his defibrillator?

Dr. Antonio Asso, the cardiologist treating the late footballer Raphael Dwamena, discloses that the deceased athlete voluntarily terminated the use of his defibrillator, providing insight into the motivations that influenced this pivotal decision.

  1. How did Raphael Dwamena’s heart condition impact his career?

From the identification of a severe ventricular arrhythmia to the implementation of a defibrillator, Dwamena’s ordeal is detailed. Comprehend the difficulties that his cardiac condition presents and the impact that it has on his professional football career.

  1. What is the football community’s reaction to Raphael Dwamena’s passing?

Examine the outpouring of condolences and reactions from the football community, including the Albanian national team coach, Levante and Zaragoza, and the Ghana Football Association. Comprehend the global football community’s reaction to the passing of this exceptionally gifted player.

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