“Rema tried to lure us into demonic rituals” — Show attendee speaks

A show attendee opens up on being overwhelmed by fear during the recent stage performance of the famous Nigerian singer, Rema in the UK.

On November 14th, Rema headlined an event at the well-known O2 Arena where he gave an exhilarating performance.


The 23-year-old singer started the show on the back of a horse, followed by a ride at the back of a bat while some images displayed were said to be disturbing.

Speaking on her experience at the show, the attendee revealed that it was the scariest moment she ever had at a musical event.

She accused the singer of trying to steal the souls of her fans with his alleged demonic presentation, causing her to leave the show early.


She said in part, “No guys, I have no words for Rema’s concert. My fury is, all those stuff he was doing for fun or whatever was to lure us into the demonic shit he tried to do today. From when he started that chanting, I didn’t hear a damn thing he was saying. Even one girl I was talking to, she said the whole time, she felt possessed. I started praying; hell no; we had to leave early.”

Watch the video below …

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