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Saudi Arabia introduces age restriction for employers hiring overseas domestic staff, new recruitment platform

Saudi Arabia has implemented more stringent visa regulations for hiring domestic workers from overseas by introducing an official digital platform.

The Ministry aims to utilize Musaned, the official platform for contracting domestic employees positioning it as the official recruitment platform for domestic labor in the country.

The Ministry also has regulations that cover various categories of domestic workers, contributing to a more transparent and efficient recruitment process while safeguarding the rights of both employers and domestic workers.

One of the restrictions the government places on the platform is that employers seeking a visa must be 24 years old or older.

Eligible employers to hire overseas domestic staff 

Some regulations have established specific eligibility criteria for visa applications.

The eligible applicants include Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign foreign wives of Saudi men and their mothers, along holders of Saudi premium residency permits.

These groups of people can apply for visas to hire overseas domestic labour, contingent on the financial capabilities of the employers.

Digitizing the recruitment of foreign domestic workers 

The Musaned platform was earlier mentioned, the official platform by Saudi Arabia was set to enhance the regulation of its domestic labour market.

TheTimes learns that this initiative was established by the Ministry of Human Resources which provides valuable information to users regarding their rights, duties, and related services.

The official Musaned platform’s services include visa issuance, recruitment requests, and the contractual relationship between employers and workers.

The Musaned platform in the same vein will also enable the transfer of a house worker’s service between employers, authentication of domestic labour contracts, and dispute resolution.

The Ministry of Human Resources also stipulated that wage transfers will be done through digital services like STC pay and Urpay apps.


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