Tinubu’s government reassures of safe drinking water for Nigerians

President Bola Tinubu’s administration has assured Nigerians of safe drinking water and effective surveillance to prevent outbreaks of water-borne diseases.

Olu Daniel, the Director of Quality and Control in the Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation, stated this when he led a team of officials on an advocacy visit to the Kano State Ministry of Water Resources on Thursday in Kano.

Mr Daniel said the visit was to collaborate with the state government to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as cholera caused by contaminated drinking water.

He said the provision of safe drinking water and health services fell within the ambit of the ministry, hence preparing ahead to ensure prevention and management.

“The federal ministry of water resources and sanitation has set all machinery in motion to curb cholera outbreak, among other water-borne related diseases.

‘’WASH emergency has to do with coordination of emergency that has to do with the provision of water sanitation and hygiene in order to prevent untimely deaths.

“These strategies are in three stages: first is prevention before the disaster occurs, second is preparation, to ensure there is no outbreak, while the third strategy is response to the outbreak,’’ he said.

Mr Daniel added, “Kano is currently rated 61 per cent in terms of provision of water supply, while in terms of sanitation, the state has about 50 per cent compliance.”

Similarly, Atah Benson, the national coordinator of the Civil Society Network of Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN), reassured of support for preparedness and response.

He urged the state to make its performance chats available in WASH emergency for all disease outbreaks.


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