Will Dr Deji Adeleke address that press conference

I read the poorly constructed conjecture by Ismail Omipidan where he mentioned Dr. Deji Adeleke. It seems like a display of joblessness for a minister’s aide to spend 90% of his time attacking a governor who is accomplishing things his principal claimed were impossible.

Beyond the Osun APC wailers’ propaganda, one must question why Omipidan hasn’t reported anything significant about his boss, @GboyegaOyetola. Ministers like Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, Minister of Interior, Senator Abubakar Kyari, Minister of Agriculture, and Bosun Tijani, Minister of Digital economy who assumed office same time with Omipidan’s boss, have aides actively sharing updates on their activities. In contrast, Omipidan and the few APC wailers left in Osun State seem to have nothing positive to promote about their Oga at the top.

Is it that the minister hasn’t resumed, or are they trying to claim the title of a silent achiever again or is Omipidan taking cheap shots at a performing governor as an Hail Mary to get attention from @gboyegaoyetola ?

Someone should please tell Omipidan and his minions that an achievement, if not felt, seen, or heard by the electorates, DOES NOT EXIST!

The pain among APC wailers in Osun State appears rooted in their failure to recover from the loss of OsunDecides2022 election. Despite their shameful performance as governor, no one expected the incumbent to lose so woefully. The shock to Omipidan and his cohorts is understandable.

APC wailers are disappointed that where they failed, Governor @AAdeleke_01 is succeeding. It’s ironic for a party that accumulated over 30 months of salary arrears to complain about their successor gradually paying the people their ENTITLEMENT.

Dr. Deji Adeleke, a respected businessman of international repute, doesn’t need to address a press conference. The people of Osun, across party lines, can feel the positive impact of the Imole administration. Those who supported the election of Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, including Dr Deji Adeleke are proud of his first-year achievements and will continue to encourage him. Hopefully, Omipidan and his pay master can prioritize the country’s interests, ensuring Osun benefits from having a minister than spending federal government resources to push propaganda that is dead on arrival, EVERY OTHER DAY

Written by Bamikole Omishore

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