You committed a taboo – Actor Prince Eke asks Mr Ibu to seek forgiveness

Prince Eke dropped a fiery note on the doorstep of the ailing Mr. Ibu, over alleged infidelity with adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor.

He mentioned the actor shouldn’t have labeled Jasmine as his adopted child if she was his secret partner

The actor urged his senior colleague to seek for forgiveness should the juicy gossip about him and Jasmine turns out to be legit.

Prince Eke, a figure in Nollywood, has written a message to ailing actor Mr Ibu regarding the accusations made by his wife, Stella Maris Okafor, against him and Jasmine, the adopted daughter.

Recall that News Direct spilled the tea on the intense family saga unfolding in Mr Ibu’s household. Allegations of pocketing the actor’s funds meant for his treatment in hospital took center stage, with Social media critic Verdarkblackman claiming that Stella Marris Okafor, the wife of Mr Ibu, had her eyes set on splurging the cash on personal extravagances.

Adding spice to the gossip, Jasmine’s ex hubby didn’t hold back, allegingthat she had more than a platonic relationship with the actor’s son. As if that weren’t enough, whispers circulated, claiming that she might have been romantically involved with the ailing actor during a certain chapter of her life.

Reacting, Prince Eke, via his Instagram page, unapologetically threw down his thoughts on the spicy infidelity saga between Mr Ibu and his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Holding no punches, Eke suggests that if the actor indeed danced in the forbidden tango with Jasmine, he better start penning his forgiveness letter to the heavens.

Prince Eke emphasized that the actor’s problem should be attacked spiritually because of what he had done.

He wrote;

“I honestly do NOT know the truth in the different versions of the story. But ‘IF’ the said adopted daughter was/ is actuallya side chick the you were | are having sex with. And you had the mind to introduce her to the world and to your family as a ‘daughter’.

“Bros , you were committing insest and you need to ask God for forgiveness. ASAP .Family isn’t only biological. There are many tags you should have given her. Bestie, family friend, colleague, Etc .but NOT ‘daughter ‘#my2cents

This life iS more spiritual than physical. It’s never a bad thing to adopt someone into your family| life .But, bringing someone that you are sexually involved with into your family and tag her ‘adopted daughter’ for convenience is insest .Maybe , we should deal with the spirituality first. Who knows… “

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