10 Side Hustle Ideas To Make 100k+ Per Month in Nigeria

Some of the Importance of Side hustles are :

1. It will increase your savings

one of the most alluring aspects of a side hustle is making money in addition to your current salary (or, if you don’t currently have a job, making money off something you’re passionate about). Depending on what your side hustle is, there’s potential for earnings, and that extra money is a great way to start shoring up your savings, or pay off your student loans. Or, you can invest the money into your current business!

  1. It will develop your skills and experience.

3. It could become your full-time gig

For most people that turn their side hustle into a full-time job it means they’re switching to full-time self-employment, which incorporates tons of perks, like:Increased flexibility to figure where you would like and once you want
You can scale your side hustle to earn more, instead of being limited to what your traditional job pays

You get to be your own boss, which are some things I personally love
At an equivalent time, there are some cons to working for yourself, like your income probably won’t be as steady within the beginning. But, this is often one among the simplest reasons to start out a side hustle nowyou’ll build demand and your client list while earning a gentle income for your day job.The point is that the choice is out there. And it’s not called a side hustle because it is easy — earning a full-time income from your side hustle takes work. If leaving your day job is your dream, then side hustles are a method to form it happen

Having stated some important of side hustle, read on to get more profitable idea to make extra Money 2021.

1. Create your own designs for a print-on-demand business

Print-on-demand businesses are fun, and its a Side hustle idea  nice s low-risk ventures if you’ve got a passion for design and are looking to dip your feet into the entrepreneurial waters. Shopify apps like Printful and Printify allow you to simply upload custom designs to items like t-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, pillows, and more, so you’ll directly import new products into your Shopify store.

When customers make a sale , items are printed and shipped on to them from your manufacturer. Print on demand offers one key advantage over manufacturing products in bulk: your supply of products can match and scale with demand without having to form large inventory purchases upfront. And you’ll still add your own flair and branding to products through your custom visual designs.

On top of this, since the grunt work of producing and shipping are outsourced to a 3rd party, you’ll have longer to figure on designing and marketing your business.

2.  Start a dropshipping business

If you wish the automated aspects of print-on-demand but are more curious about marketing and operations over creating custom designs, consider starting a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is another online business model where a 3rd party manufactures and ships existing products for you. All you’ve got to try to to is about up your store, price your products, and market the business.

Dropshipping is additionally a low-risk opportunity to use as a side hustle because , again, products are only being shipped when they’re purchased, which leaves many room for profit goodbye as your marketing expenses are reasonable. With a 3rd party responsible of producing and shipping, dropshipping also frees up tons of your time . You can also dropship on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to succeed in more customers.
The time you save dropshipping are often spent finding a distinct segment to sell to, marketing your products, reaching new buyers, or helping your customers. With development and style being noticeably absent from this equation, dropshipping is certainly a side hustle for those that want to flex their marketing muscles.

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business
Start a dropshipping business

3. You can start Blogging as a Side hustle 

How To Make Money Blogging As A Side Hustle
You can start Blogging as a Side hustle

4. Use your skills or talent to Provide a service

Businesses and individuals always have a requirement for a few sort of service every now then . It might be laundry, taxi, cleaning, teaching, coaching etc. Making money from a service depends on the sort of skill you’ve got and the way much people value it. for instance , if you’re good with math’s you’ll start a math lesson in your neighborhood for teenagers writing Jamb lessons.

If you’re good at sports like football, you’ll start a training session for teenagers in your estate. Parents are willing to buy these services once they see them. does one wish to write, then why not start guest-blogging for a fee? By the time you write ten articles every week you’ll earn enough to earn you that extra pay.

5. Mini importation business


You’ll be surprised that you don’t need any huge amount of money to start a mini importation business.

Mini importation business is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria at a minimum cost and maximum profit.

The processes is quite easy, anyone can do mini importation as long as they can read and write. Your phone or a laptop computer; internet connection active email address, traceable home address, and as small as 100K or less is all you need to start.

6. Cooking and delivery


You can drive Taxi as a side hustle , in most cities working class  ladies drive taxi after their official working hour (8am -4pm), to make extra income.

If you reside in cities like Lagos, Abuja or Benin city  and can drive (or have access to a car) then you’ll make some extra cash by being an Uber /Bolt / Taxify partner. As an Uber partner, you gain access to the Uber driver’s app which matches you with people on the brink of you who need a taxi.

you choose up and drop off the passengers, and obtain paid automatically from the passengers’ checking account direct to your checking account , minus a 25% Uber fee. If you don’t want to drive the car yourself, you’ll offer it to a driver to form money on your behalf when you’re not using it, and pay the driving force a salary or a percentage. The registration process is printed in-depth up here and you’ll register as a partner using this link.

Skills required: Driving

Resources: Access to a Year 2000 vehicle or newer.

DRIVE AN UBER TAXI As a side hustle

8. Real  Estate Agent Side hustle


CONTENT WRITING is a flexible side hustle , you can write from anywhere, from the classroom, offices or anyplace of your choice

If you’re keen on writing, you’ll easily offer a content writing side hustle. Most businesses online need copywriters, and there are ALWAYS jobs available if you recognize where to seem . Join content writing groups on Facebook, and you’ll be kept very busy.

you can also check out blogs, some may be in need of publishers. if your’e good at blogging, and your’e interested in working with a news blog. send a mail to [email protected]

Skills/Resources required: Writing skills

Skills/Resources required: Marketing skills/Time


10.  Makeup Artist


Trust me. Beauty in this life, especially in Nigeria, is no longer in the eyes of the beholder. It is now in the hands of makeup artists.

Seriously, I really don’t know how they do those things but they can turn a demon into an angel.

Anyways, they earn a very good income covering up people’s facial flaws.

As a student, Male or  female student, you might want to consider this side hustle.

wait, i didn’t say workers can’t use Makeup Job as a  side hustle,  as we all know, Ceremonies are often done on weekends especially in Nigeria .

So, been a worker cant stop you from making Makeup Artist as a side hustle.

Makeup Artist as side hustle in Nigeria
Makeup Artist as side hustle in Nigeria

Lastly,Reduce your expenses ;

Sometimes, making some extra cash can be done by cutting expenses. When was the last time you audited all your monthly expenses? How much is going out the door for that gym membership you don’t use or those pricey lunches you have every day?

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