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Aleph Unveils Aleph Express for Nigerian MSMEs

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

An application and proprietary solution for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria, known as Aleph Express, has been launched by Aleph Group.

A statement from the firm explained that Aleph Express provides a platform for MSMEs to create and maintain a free e-commerce website, create a product catalogue, set local delivery options, manage, record and process orders while gaining meaningful insights to drive growth.

The platform also provides one unified inbox that integrates WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, to enable businesses to efficiently engage and sell – all in one place.

In addition, Aleph Express provides local payment solutions and support, creating a holistic offer for Nigeria’s thriving MSME sector.

The company expressed optimism that this initiative would enable the growth of digital marketing in the country, as Aleph Express forms a key part of its strategy to provide localised and actionable technology for advertisers and MSMEs alike.

From its teams on the ground, Aleph offers unrivalled, local support to enable its partners to overcome in-market challenges and create valuable opportunities. Aleph, through its legacy brand Ad Dynamo, has been supporting Nigerian advertisers since 2009.

“MSMEs are the backbone of the Nigerian economy. With Aleph Express, we enable them to create digital storefronts to attract more customers not only in their neighbourhood but across the country and the region.

“Our dedicated local teams support businesses and entrepreneurs new to this form of commerce and aim to onboard 10,000 monthly active merchants by the end of 2023,” the Vice President of SMB at Aleph, Matthieu Laporte, said.

On his part, the Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Aleph, Mr Stephen Newton, noted that, “The launch of Aleph Express is a premiere – we are proud that Nigeria has been selected by Aleph as the first market to launch.

“This also marks a milestone in our offering, as Aleph Express is specially tailored for small and medium businesses, enabling these entrepreneurs to leverage the power of social platforms for their growth.

“With our local team standing by and supporting SMBs, I am confident that we are spearheading a revolution in this field.”

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) believes that more than 41 million MSMEs are in Nigeria and have contributed 49 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP) in the last five years.

Further analysis showed that 42 per cent of MSMEs in the country or more than 17 million businesses, operate within the wholesale and retail trade industry.

However, 97 per cent of Nigeria’s retail industry is made up of traditional – largely offline – channels.

Aleph Express wants to tap into this by providing a platform for them to have an online shop, giving them access to millions of customers willing to buy their products, especially from social media platforms.

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