Another Woman ‘Covers’ Tinubu At Dubai Summit

The ongoing COP28 climate conference in Dubai has taken an unexpected turn as social media is ablaze with criticisms following the revelation that Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, is among the listed delegates and with it putting a cast on the Nigerian presence at the summit.

The event, which commenced on November 30 and is set to conclude on December 12, 2023, aims to accelerate the global transition to a clean-energy future. reports that the Toke Makinwa effect is coming after Nigerians were aghast that a white lady had tried to cover Tinubu while he was taking a picture with King Charles on FirdayNigeria has garnered attention at COP28, not only for its commitment to climate discussions but also for having the highest number of participants from Africa.

The delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds the record for the largest-ever registered delegation of any country, boasting 4,409 badges, followed by Brazil with 3,081. Nigeria and China share the third position with 1,411 badges each.

However, what has set social media ablaze is the unexpected inclusion of Toke Makinwa in the Nigerian delegation. The revelation has triggered a wave of criticism, particularly targeting government officials, including Nigerian President Bola Tinubu. Critics argue that taxpayers’ money should not be used to fund the attendance of individuals like Toke Makinwa, who, despite her accomplishments as a media personality, falls outside the realm of government representation.


Toke Makinwa, known for her roles as a radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, actress, and author, is currently overshadowing President Tinubu on social media platforms, particularly on X (formerly known as Twitter). The trending discussions revolve around the perceived misuse of public funds and whether celebrities should be part of official delegations to international conferences.

Comments flooding social media platforms highlight the divide in public opinion. While some argue that celebrities can bring attention to critical issues like climate change, others vehemently criticize what they perceive as extravagant spending and prioritize the inclusion of experts in the delegation.

As Toke Makinwa continues to dominate online conversations surrounding COP28, it remains to be seen how this unexpected twist will impact the public perception of Nigeria’s representation at the climate conference and the broader discussions on government expenditure.
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