APC Using Unlawful Means In Violation Of Nigeria’s Constitution – Former Presidential Candidate

Former National Conscience Party (NCP) presidential candidate in the 2015 elections, Martin Onovo, has asserted that Nigeria is a maximum dictatorship under the current administration of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Naija News reports that Onovo made this known during an interview with the Sun, while speaking on the outcome of the Liberian presidential election, where President George Weah congratulated his opponent without hesitation.

He said the two pillars of democracy present in Liberia are absent in Nigeria, and the country must take corrective actions to ensure it becomes the constructional democracy that the citizens want.

He said, “Clearly. Liberia is a democracy. Nigeria is a maximum dictatorship. The two pillars of democracy are the rule of law and the integrity of the ballot. Both are present in Liberia. Both are absent in Nigeria. We must take corrective actions to ensure that Nigeria becomes the constructional democracy we want it to be.”

Speaking on the accusation that the APC is trying to foist a one-party state in Nigeria, the former presidential candidate said the ruling party, as a maximum dictatorship, has taken control of the executive, Legislature and Judiciary to write unlawful judgements.

He added, “It is clear that the ruling party as a maximum dictatorship has taken control of the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the military using unlawful means in violation of our constitution. With their control of the judiciary, they write unlawful judgments and give them to the judges to read in open court. The “judgment” of the PEPC was clearly written by the ruling party on the header of the Tinubu legal team. All the scandalous “judgments” that came out of the Supreme Court all came under the dictatorship of the ruling party after they had intimidated the judiciary.

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“The scandalous judgments include, the Imo State 2020 governorship election “judgment” and the Ahmad Lawan senatorial nomination “judgment”. The ruling party has achieved complete control of the judiciary in their maximum dictatorship. The National Assembly, particularly the Senate is just a rubber stamp. The APC government poses serious threat to Nigeria’s democracy. There is palpable fear in the land that Nigerian’s have entered a one-chance government. The truth is that we should not expect any genuine development. The Nigeria of today, sadly, is the more you look the less you see.”

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