Association plans startup capital for 200 Esan youths

The Association of Esan Professionals has revealed plans to empower 200 youths with vocational skills, start-up capital and business mentorship.

In a statement signed by the President of AEP, Mr Henry Egbiki and the General Secretary/Chairman of Project Committee, Emmanuel Ogbebor, the project labelled Vocational Skills Empowerment Project, was aimed at shaping the future of Esan youths by supporting them to realise their potential and harnessing their skills.

AEP explained that over the next two years, the project would impact the lives of 200 youths, providing them with the essential tools and knowledge to start their own vocations.

“Each year, 100 youths, 20 from each of the five Local Government Areas in Esanland, will be selected and supported with appropriate finance to acquire the necessary tools and equipment to start their vocation/trade.

“The project will offer comprehensive mentorship and coaching on crucial aspects of business management and entrepreneurship. By receiving guidance and counselling from experienced and knowledgeable mentors, the beneficiaries will be well-equipped to navigate the challenges that arise when starting a business, trade or vocation,” the statement reads.

AEP stated that the holistic approach was to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the ventures established through the initiative.

The AEP said that the initiative was a significant investment in the future of Esanland, an opportunity for young boys and girls in Esanland to shape their destinies, build their businesses, and create a more vibrant and prosperous community.

In his inaugural speech, Egbiki presented a roadmap for the association, adding that the project was aimed at transforming the lives of youths in Esanland by imparting not only vocational skills but also the knowledge and support needed to thrive as entrepreneurs.

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