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Blueface Ignites Controversy: Pushes Fan Off Stage Amid Accusations of Object Throwing at Jaidyn

Blueface has made news once more after a video of him began to circulate on social media. The video, revealing him pushing a fan, was filmed over the weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah, while Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis were there for an event. Blueface also accuses the fan of tossing an object at Jaidyn in the video. According to XXL Magazine, the alleged incident began after Blueface alleged the fan of hurling ice at Jaidyn. The rapper then yelled out to a fan on stage and shoved her towards Jaidyn, who also attempted to punch her but missed the mark. The footage also shows the woman attempting to leave the stage, but Blueface clutches her arm and refuses to let her go.

All of this debacle occurred when Blueface summoned Jaidyn to the stage to present her to the audience, just as the incident with the fan occurred. As soon as the video went viral on Sunday, December 17, 2023, social media users began commenting, with many criticising the rapper for his behaviour. Blueface has been in and out of the public since claiming that his former partner, Chrisean Rock, had slept with Cardi B’s ex-husband, Offset. Neither the rapper nor Jaidyn has replied to the controversy or the public’s opinions.

Blueface Encourages Fans To Fight Jaidyn Following Alleged Object Thrown

Blueface was seen urging a fan to fight Jaidyn Alexis after accusing the fan of tossing an object at Jaidyn. On Sunday (Dec. 17), a video showed Blueface and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis organising an event at a club surfaced online. Blue introduces Jaidyn to the cheering audience in the viral video, and someone supposedly threw ice at Jaidyn, though the video does not show it. Blueface appears to have seen who had thrown ice at his girlfriend & called the accused perpetrator to the stage. Before she tried to clarify that it hadn’t been her who threw the ice, Blueface pulled her towards Jaidyn, who swiftly threw a couple of blows but missed her target. As the woman attempts to exit the stage, Blueface snatches her arm and pulls her back, as Jaidyn stands behind him, ready for another brawl. After watching the disturbing video, followers unanimously wrote on Instagram that Blueface’s attitude was lame and that Jaidyn should avoid him.

“| I hope [the woman] files charges, and where are her friends?” We would have all jumped her and Blue. “Lol,” one individual commented on an Instagram post about the video. “Oh wow, Miss Blue Cheese felt discourteous so he abused the girl who paid to see him, I can’t believe he is still free, why isn’t he locked up already?” “I’m fairly certain I can read the girl’s lips when Jai is signalling her over there like get here,” said another. The girl appears to respond, “No, it wasn’t me, baby” [crying laughing emoji]. Blueface has been in and out of the public since claiming that his former partner, Chrisean Rock, had slept with Cardi B’s ex-husband, Offset. Over the weekend, a feud between Blueface and Soulja Boy erupted, and they pulled their children’s mothers into the fray. Blueface and Soulja Boy started feuding on X, formerly known as Twitter. Blueface’s claim that he could beat Soulja in a Verzuz duel sparked their social media feud. But it has now devolved into insults, and they are bringing their babies’ moms into it.

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