Call of Duty Mobile Launches Dedicated Server for Nigerian Gamers

Exciting news for Nigerian gamers as Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) has finally introduced a dedicated server for the country. Since its launch on December 1, 2023, gameplay in Nigeria has become much faster, with some players reporting impressive play speeds of up to 30 milliseconds. This development comes after a long-awaited campaign by Nigerian players, including support from prominent Irish pro player iFerg, pushing for a CODM server in the country.

Boosting Gameplay in Nigeria:

With the introduction of the dedicated server, Nigerian players have noticed a significant improvement in their gaming experience. Previously accustomed to ping speeds of 90 to 110 milliseconds, they can now enjoy seamless gameplay with decreased latency. This boost in speed has allowed many Nigerians to compete at a higher level and ascend to the top of CODM’s multiplayer leaderboards. One player named Tony proudly announced being the first Nigerian to reach number one on CODM’s global multiplayer servers.

Confirmation by Carry1st:

South African game publisher Carry1st, which recently secured pre-Series B funding of $27 million, confirmed the news about the dedicated server for Nigerian players. This affirmation adds credibility to the announcement and showcases the ongoing growth and investment in the African gaming industry.

Expanding African Gaming Community:

The launch of the dedicated server in Nigeria signifies the increasing number of players and the expanding gaming community within the country. Interestingly, Nigeria is now the second African country, following South Africa’s successful server launch in 2022, to receive its dedicated server. The Nigerian server will also benefit other West African countries, such as Ghana, while the South African server caters to Southern African countries like Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Mobile Gaming as a Leveller:

Despite the perception that Nigeria may not be fully ready for eSports, mobile gaming, particularly through affordable options like CODM and PUBG: Mobile, has the potential to level the playing field. Unlike PC and console gaming, which often require expensive devices, mobile gaming offers a more accessible and cost-effective way for Africans to engage in competitive gaming. With a rapidly growing number of African players, CODM and other mobile games could lead the charge in fostering a new era of African gamers.

The introduction of a dedicated server for Nigerian players in Call of Duty: Mobile marks a significant milestone for the African gaming community. Faster gameplay and reduced latency have been welcomed by Nigerian gamers who are now competing at a higher level. This achievement, alongside notable investments in the African gaming industry, illustrates the exciting potential and growth in the region. With mobile gaming becoming more accessible, Africa may become the next frontier for skilled gamers to shine on a global stage.





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