Cleric advises parents to nurture children to greatness   

A cleric, John Monday, on Sunday appealed to parents to nurture their children to greatness so that they could fulfil God’s purpose for them on earth.

Mr Monday, a children’s minister, gave the advice during a church service and end of year party at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Region 50, Cement, Lagos.

The event organised for children and teenagers in the church featured song renditions, Bible recitations, dance and cultural displays.

The cleric said every child was born great but must be shaped by the parents through training in line with God’s instructions for the children to turn out well.

He said children could only fulfil destiny through the word of God, adding that, “every child of destiny is destined to shine as light.”

He said the word of God was the guide to help parents shape the lives of their children and they must not neglect their roles.

“Every child is destined to shine as light because God himself has destined everyone for greatness,” he said.

He said many youths were deviating from the path of truth and righteousness in several areas inspite of efforts of parents to give them the right training.

Urging parents not to give up on imparting the right Godly values, he appealed to children and teenagers to adhere to instructions of their parents for them to enjoy God’s blessings.

“If we fail to nurture them (children/teenagers) in our responsibility, God will question us,” he said.

He explained to the children and teenagers that on their path to greatness, they must face and surmount some hurdles while citing examples from the Bible.

He said Joseph was first thrown into a pit, then to the prison then to the palace.

Mr Monday said children must pass through a similar sequence of hardship on their path to greatness.

He also shared examples from the lives of Esther, Samuel and other prophets who went through periods of hardship and training.

He said: “Daniel shined as light, that was why he became 10 times better than the others.”

He advised parents not to forsake their children and read from Proverbs 20:20, and challenged children and teenagers to obey parents, constituted authority and leaders.

He, however, explained that to enjoy the greatness of destiny the first step was to be born again and become loyal to God.

Also, the Regional Overseer of MFM, Region 50, Cement, Lagos, Pastor Lawrence Oni, led the church to pray for the success and greatness of children, ministers and workers.

He said, “Help me to prophesy into their lives, as they are taking care of other people’s children. The Lord will arise in His power and take care of their own children too. The Lord will continue to move them forward by fire, children department, teenage department will continue to move forward by fire.’’


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