Concern Northern Lawyers Forum seek justice for Tudun Biri bombings victims

Concern Northern Lawyers Forum seek justice for Tudun Biri bombings victims

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Published By: Paul Dada

The Concerned Northern Lawyers Forum on Saturday in Kaduna, called for justice for the victims of Sunday’s Tudun Bari drone attacks.

Mr Nafi’iu Abubakar, spokesman of the forum while speaking at a press briefing lamented the attack, saying it raised grave concern on the Nigerian Army.

This, he said, was especially as the victims of the Army’s error airstrike were innocent Nigerians who were peacefully celebrating the Maulud.

He said the tragic incident, which resulted in the loss of innocent lives, had left the forum deeply saddened and concerned about the safety and security of citizens.

“The Nigerian Army’s claim that this tragic incident was a result of error or mistake is deeply troubling to us.

“We firmly believe that such occurrences should have never happened in the first place, especially, during a time of joyful celebration and unity.

“It is unacceptable and goes against the principles of justice and respect for human rights.

“As representatives of the legal fraternity in northern Nigeria, we stand firmly in support of the affected victims and their families.

“It is our duty to ensure that justice is served, and the rights of these innocent victims are protected,” Abubakar said.

He said the forum would be instituting a legal action against the Federal Government to demand the payment of adequate compensation for the victims and their families who had suffered irreparable loss as a result of this unfortunate incident.

Abubakar called on the Federal Government to take immediate and decisive action to ensure a thorough and independent investigation into the incident.

“It is imperative that those responsible are held accountable for their actions, and measures are put in place to prevent any recurrence of such incidence in the future.

“We also urge the Nigerian Army to re-evaluate its rules of engagement and training procedures to prevent the loss of innocent lives during military operations,’ he said.

According to him it is vital that the Nigerian Army, as a defender of the nation, exercises utmost caution to avoid any further instance of collateral damage and civilian casualties.

Abubakar expressed the forum’s condolences to the families who lost their loved ones during the tragic incident.

“We stand united with them in their grief and pledge our unwavering support in ensuring that justice is served.

“The Concerned Northern Lawyers Forum will work tirelessly to pursue legal means to claim the compensation that is owed to the victims, “Abubakar stressed.



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