Even Buhari has agreed there were too many kleptocrats in his government — Ndume

Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has said that there were too many kleptocrats in the former President Muhammadu Buhari government who were after their personal gains.

Ndume spoke when he commented on the 2024 Budget during an interview on Channels TV’s: “Politics Today.”

He said some people thought that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was authoritative, saying that means the president was in charge.

He said: “The President here is in charge. 

“That is one thing with him. 

“People think Tinubu is authoritative. 

“The truth is that he takes charge unlike our former president. 

“He would just give you an assignment and would not look over you. 

“That was the mistake President Buhari did. 

“He ended up confessing that he had too many kleptocrats than people who genuinely showed interest.

“I know there were too many kleptocrats in the Buhari government.

“He confessed recently. 

“He admitted that there were people who took over power themselves. 

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“But in the Tinubu government, he can’t do that. 

“You can see what he did to his own son. 

“During the council he was going there. 

“He threw him up. 

“If it were another person, he would do nothing.”

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