Hamas, Israel truce talks ongoing: Qatar

Mediation efforts to revive the truce and facilitate the exchange of hostages and prisoners between Israel and Gaza are still ongoing, while the main goal is to end the war, Qatar’s Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani has said.

“Unfortunately, we faced some challenges that led to a halt to the truce, and it was not extended. Efforts and coordination are still ongoing,” he said in Doha on Tuesday.

Mr Al-Thani, who also serves as the Qatari foreign minister, said Egypt and the United States continue to be involved.

“A humanitarian truce and releasing hostages is a priority, but it is important to reach a sustainable halt to the war and a diplomatic solution,” he added.

Fighting between Israel and Hamas resumed on Friday after a week-long ceasefire.

The two sides initially agreed to a four-day truce on November 24.

The pause was then extended to Friday morning. 


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