HRD2023: Human rights you have as Nigerian

Human Rights Day is a reminder to make people worldwide understand the importance of equal rights for everyone regardless of gender, colour, religion and race.

On December 10 1948, a proclamation was made by the United Nations, setting out goals on how fundamental human rights can be protected.

Human Rights

Human rights are principles that guide and protect the rights of all human beings. It constitutes how human beings can live together peacefully and their rights and responsibilities with the government.

How to know your rights

As a citizen of a country, you must know the fundamental human rights provided in your country’s constitution. The benefit of knowing your rights is enormous. It would be difficult for you to be overpowered without knowing the necessary steps.

As a Nigerian Citizen, these are some of the rights you should know:

The Right to Life

The right to live of every Nigerian citizen is guaranteed by the constitution, except the person who has been sentenced to death by the Court of Law.

The Right to Liberty

As contained in the Nigerian constitution, no person shall be deprived of his or her liberty except in circumstances warrant otherwise. When there is an unlawful detention of a citizen, the law mandates such a person should be compensated with an apology from the appropriate authority.


 The Right to Privacy and Family Life

In the Nigerian constitution, every citizen has the right to protect his or her privacy. This covers relationships within the family, communication via the telephone and other electronic messages.


 The Right to Freedom of Expression

It is constituted that every Nigerian citizen has the right to express themselves freely without any hindrance. Nobody must be deprived of speaking.


The Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

Every Nigerian citizen has the right to choose a religion that pleases him or her. There is total freedom for individual thought and conscience. Forceful adherence to any religious practices is prohibited.




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