Kaduna bombing: NASFAT asks FG to compensate victims


The Nasirul-Lahi-L-Fathi Society of Nigeria, NASFAT, emphasised the need for more than mere apologies from the government regarding the accidental bombing of Tundu Biri village in Kaduna State by the Nigerian army.

The Chief Missioner, Imam Maruf Onike Abdul-Azeez, stressed the importance of compensating the families of the victims, citing the Islamic principle of justice.

During a joint prayer session named “Remember Me, I Will Remember You,” held at the NASFAT Islamic Center in Aseese, Ogun State, and hosted by the Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo zones, the Imam urged the government to take immediate action to identify and compensate the families of all the victims affected by the unfortunate incident.

He noted that while an apology and legal actions against the perpetrators were essential, compensating the affected families was equally crucial.

Imam Maruf highlighted the importance of justice in Islam, emphasizing that the victims’ families should receive adequate compensation.

Drawing from previous incidents where victims’ families were compensated, he urged the government to extend similar support to those affected in Kaduna.

He emphasised the concept of Diyat, which involves compensation to victims or their legal heirs, stressing the government’s responsibility to ensure justice and support for those affected.

Imam Maruf expressed trust in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s humanity and urged the government to use the compensation appropriately for the affected persons, ensuring that it reaches them without any misappropriation.

He concluded by praying that the government’s actions would alleviate the suffering of the affected families.

Meanwhile, the organisation called on faithful Muslims must believe in the efficacy of prayer because no one has more power than God. It is therefore on this note that the society chose to have a day of collective Asalatu as a society.



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