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Lagos State Water Corporation disengages 425 temporary staff members

The Lagos State Water Corporation (LWC) has announced that it has disengaged all of its 425 temporary staff members as part of its ongoing restructuring efforts.

LWC revealed that 425 contract staff were identified following a comprehensive staff audit and assessment exercise concluded in October 2023.

TheTimes gathered this information from a press release issued by the Corporation on Friday and can be seen on the official X (formerly Twitter) handle of Lagos State Water Corporation.

According to the statement, the LWC noted that it identified non-compliance within its workforce involving 425 contract staff members who have occupied their positions in the Corporation longer than what is permitted by the provisions of the Public Service Rules 2015 (Revised Edition) and the Labour Act.

The provisions of the Public Service Rules 2015 (Revised Edition) specifically state that the appointment of contract staff should be two years, renewable only once.

However, the LWC revealed that some of its temporary staff have occupied their positions for as long as 25 years.

Also, the Corporation pointed out that the disengagement of the temporary staff was to right-size the human resource requirement of the organization in line with its current operational needs.

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The Lagos State Water Corporation further disclosed that from Monday, December 11, 2023, it will launch a staff portal which will be used to facilitate the consideration of disengaged temporary staff for permanent employment.

However, the Corporation emphasized that the consideration of the disengaged staff into permanent employment would follow required due diligence to ensure a smooth transition of qualified individuals into its workforce.

While appreciating the efforts of temporary staff and their contributions to the organisation, the LWC reiterated that the restructuring measures are aimed at building a more productive workforce that can fulfil the evolving needs of the Corporation, and by extension, the people of Lagos State.

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