Law graduates, students frustrated with BAZE University crisis

On Monday, some graduate and undergraduate law students of Baze University, Abuja, urged the institution’s management to resolve the five-year law admission imbroglio.

The Council of Legal Education recently imposed a five-year ban on law admissions at the university for consistently violating the approved quota.

The council said BAZE admitted over 750 students into its law faculty since 2017, exceeding its allotted quota of 50 students per academic session that should take 15 years to fill.

The students in Abuja said they were worried about the council’s action and its impact on the future of the university’s law programme.

Vanessa Adeh, who graduated from the law faculty and is waiting for admission to law school, said she was frustrated.

“I graduated in 2022 and have been waiting to attend law school. The school said they are working to resolve the situation, but it’s taking longer. I am already having regrets but I hope they will resolve the issues fast,” said Ms Adeh. “It really saddens my heart that I went to a private university to avoid stories like this, but unfortunately, what I hoped not to encounter is now what I am facing.”

She said many of her coursemates were troubled by the situation and wondered why the school management would allow the issue to escalate to the point of being banned.

Hadiza Umar, a law student at BAZE, expressed worry that the situation may affect her and other students and urged the school management to resolve the issues urgently.

Another student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said her greatest concern was that the university management did not tell its side of the story and what it is doing about the issue.

She urged the school to come forward with information that would calm the nerves of many graduates and students worried that the situation may have affected them.

Usman Aliyu, a graduate of the school’s law faculty, urged BAZE authorities to put out information on the concrete actions they are taking to remedy the situation.

A statement released by the Nigerian Law School said its investigations showed that BAZE had a backlog of fewer than 347 law graduates awaiting admission.

It also said BAZE runs a three-year law degree for some students in contradiction to the five-year national benchmark curriculum, pointing out that these culminated in the five-year ban on the institution admitting students to its law faculty.

BAZE University did not immediately respond to a request for comments when contacted. 


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