Naval chief Ogalla hails officers’ wives for promoting Nigeria’s unity

The Chief of Naval Staff, Emmanuel Ogalla, has commended the Naval Officers’ Wives Association (NOWA) for promoting unity and resilience within the naval community.

Mr Ogalla gave the commendation at the NOWA Christmas Carol and Night of Nine Lessons, held on Sunday in Abuja.

He commended the NOWA president, Ijeoma Ogalla, and the association’s leadership for their relentless efforts at touching the lives of the less privileged, amongst others, in the spirit of the Christmas season.

According to him, Christmas is a time of gratitude and generosity and a season that encourages us to embrace the spirit of giving, kindness, compassion and reflection.

“The NOWA Christmas Carol and Night of Nine Lesson holds a special place in our hearts, as it brings together the spirit of the season and the sense of community that defines the NOWA,” said Mr Ogalla. “The NOWA, through its commitment to the welfare of personnel families, exemplifies these values and creates a support system that extends beyond the call of duty.”

The naval chief added, “The association, with its various initiatives and projects, embodies principles that provide support, care, and a sense of belonging to the naval family and, by extension, the general public. Your selfless efforts contribute not only to the well-being of individuals but also to the strength and cohesion of the entire naval community.

“The commitment and resilience are truly commendable and a testament to the strength that emerges when a community comes together with a shared purpose.”

The navy’s honcho explained that the sacrifices made by naval personnel were recognised and honoured through the association’s collective efforts.

He said the service and selfless commitment of the naval personnel to the nation deserved profound respect and gratitude and that NOWA, through events like Christmas carol, allowed members to come together to celebrate and recognise the collective spirit that makes the military community strong and resilient.

“Let us further reflect on the true spirit of Christmas and continue to support and uplift one another,” stated Mr Ogalla. 

Mr Ogalla lauded President Bola Tinubu for his support of the navy and pledged to sustain efforts towards mitigating the security challenges in the country.

He also mourned the victims of the recent unfortunate incident in Kaduna State and sympathised with their families and the government.


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