Orezi laments burnt house

Recently, social media was awash with news of fire razing the home of a singer, Esegine Allen, aka Orezi.

The singer stated that though he was not at home when the incident happened, he was devastated at the havoc wrought by the fire.

He said, “I was devastated when I saw what fire did to my house. I was filled with so much anger. If fire was a person, I would have had a fight with it. I was sad and heartbroken. It practically burnt everything to the ground. However, I thank God that no life was lost. A friend was upstairs, and the situation could have been worse. When there is life, there is hope. I am back to business.”

 On how he is coping with the reality of a burnt house, the singer said, “It is mentally and financially draining. At this time, I am promoting my EP, and that requires time and money. It is not the best time not to have a roof over one’s head. But, work has started; and the major things are being taken care of. By God’s grace, everything will get back to as it was; even better.”

Asked about the inspiration behind his new Extended Play album titled, ‘Chocolate Daddy’, the singer said, “The EP is a product of different emotions. I have an album ready, but I want to wet the ground first. The album expresses my different relationships with different women, as I have not sang about love in a while. My female fans were demanding for it .My loving and freaky sides are also reflected in some songs of the songs.”

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