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OTC Securities Exchange Reports 0.41% Improvement in Week 48

By Adedapo Adesanya

The NASD Over-the-Counter (OTC) Securities Exchange appreciated by 0.41 per cent in Week 48, with the market capitalisation gaining N4.77 billion to settle at N1.166 trillion from the N1.162 trillion it ended in Week 47, and the NASD Unlisted Security Index (NSI) rising by 3.52 points to 860.81 points from 857.29 points in the previous week.

In the five-day trading week, the total volume of stocks traded slumped by 69.1 per cent to 4.22 million units from 13.6 million in the preceding week and equally, the value of shares dropped by 69.6 per cent to N41.4 million from N136.4 million, and the number of deals decreased by 76.4 per cent to 55 deals from 72 deals.

In Week 48, eight securities witnessed changes in their closing prices, with five on the gainers’ side and three on the other side.

11 Plc appreciated by 10 per cent to close at N146.30 per share compared with the previous week’s N133.00 per share, Newrest Asl Plc added 9.9 per cent to end at N16.10 per unit versus the preceding week’s N14.64 per unit, Acorn Petroleum Plc grew by 5.3 per cent to 60 Kobo per share from 57 Kobo per share, Aradel Holdings Plc jumped by 3.3 per cent to settle at N900.00 per share versus N871.20 per share, and FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc rose by 0.14 per cent to N74.10 per unit from N74.00 per unit.

On the flip side, UBN Property Plc dropped 7.9 per cent to trade at N1.52 per unit versus N1.65 per unit, Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc depreciated by 7.2 per cent to N17.08 per share from N18.41 per share, and NASD Plc slid by 11.1 per cent to end at N1.60 per unit compared with the preceding week’s N1.44 per unit.

FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc was the most traded stock by value with N14.1 million, CSCS Plc traded N10.9 million, Aradel  Plc exchanged N8.4 million, UBN Property Plc transacted N3.2 million, and Newrest Plc traded N1.6 million.

By volume, UBN Property Plc topped with 2.1 million units, Acorn Petroleum Plc followed with 0.85 million units, CSCS Plc posted 0.64 million units, Geo-Fluids Plc recorded 0.25 million units, and FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria  Plc transacted 0.20 million units.

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