Review Budget To Prioritize Health, Poverty Alleviation And Education – Peter Obi Advices Tinubu

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in the general election of 2023, has pleaded with the Bola Tinubu-led administration to reassess the nation’s budget and give health, education, and poverty reduction top priority.

The former governor of Anambra made this request in a statement posted on his official X account. He bemoaned the fake money set aside for presidential visits and stated that he was still awaiting the details of the 2024 budget.

According to, Obi also took issue with the funds designated for remodelling the president’s and vice president’s offices in Lagos and Abuja.

UPDATE: Nigeria Heading Towards A Failed State – Peter Obi

The post by Obi partly read, “The sum of N15.961 billion has been budgeted for trips for the aides of the President and the vice president. If the aides are spending this much, one can extrapolate that their principals, the President, and the Vice President, will spend twice as much which will be about N30 billion. This means that in 2024 the office of the President and Vice President, and their aides will be gulping over N45b for trips alone. Furthermore, the office of the Chief Of Staff budgeted N20 billion for the renovation of the President and the Vice President’s offices in Lagos and Abuja and their full ‘digitization’.

“I urge that we urgently review our budget and revise it to prioritize our urgent needs in Health, Education, and pulling people out of poverty which will only be achieved by a planning and budgeting strategy that targets these critical need areas. It is time we recognize our difficulty, especially the suffering of the poor masses and prioritize our expenditure. That is what we clamor for in the New Nigeria which we insist is very possible.”


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