Sanwo-Olu unveils food agro-hub in Lagos

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Sunday, unveiled a newly constructed mid-level food agro-hub at Idi-Oro in the Mushin area of the state.

The Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media, Jubril Gawat, revealed this in a series of tweets on his X handle on Sunday.

Gawat wrote, “The launch of a new way of food distribution in Lagos with the commissioning of the middle-level food agro-hub will see to the tackling of problems associated with post-harvest losses, inflation, carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

“The food Agro-hub is sitting on 6400 square meters of land, has adequate parking (3,017sqm) space to accommodate trailers and vehicles, and has centralized wet and dry storage areas for bulk buying.”

Gawat further stated that the Governor noted that there will be replication of the agro-hub in three other locations in the state.

He wrote, “For People asking, Governor of Lagos State, Mr #jidesanwoolu says 3 other places have been identified to replicate this newly constructed middle-level food Agro-hub, located at Idi-Oro in Mushin Local Government Area: AJAH, AGEGE and ABULE ADO.”


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