72-year-old retired soldier commits suicide in Benue

In a tragic incident, a 72-year-old retired soldier identified as Francis Dooga, reportedly took his own life at his home in Nyiniogun, a suburb of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State.

 The lifeless body of the septuagenarian was found hanging from a tree at his residence opposite St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

 The news of the deceased’s death, affectionately called ‘Old Soldier,’ left residents shocked and puzzled about the possible reasons that led him to such a desperate act.

 A resident, preferring anonymity, stated that none of the deceased’s family members was present when he took his life.

The discovery was made later in the day when a family member arrived.

“It was when one of the family members came in around 6pm yesterday that he saw the body of the retiree dangling on a tree within the house that he raised the alarm.

“It was the alarm that drew the attention of neighbours to the house,” the resident said.

According to another source, the deceased had earlier expressed distress over alleged fraudulent activities that had impacted him financially.

However, the family members did not provide any information to the media regarding the possible reasons behind the retired Soldier’s tragic decision.

Confirming the incident, State Police Command spokesperson, SP Catherine Anene, assured that the local authorities are actively investigating the incident

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Anene said, “We have the report, and the investigation in ongoing.”

The community, reflecting on the broader issue of mental health and challenges faced by individuals, especially in their later years, are left grappling with the aftermath of the retired Soldier’s suicide.

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