Hon. Adeyanju: Abiodun’s Plea Delayed Oluomo’s Impeachment

Hon. Adegoke Adeyanju, an All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmaker, representing Yewa North 1 State constituency at the Ogun State House Assembly moved the motion for the impeachment of Olakunle Oluomo as the Speaker of the Assembly. Adeyanju in this interview with OLUFEMI ADENIRAN speaks on why Oluomo was impeached

Why did the House impeach Oluomo as the Speaker?

According to the Constitution, when you have allegations against the leadership of the House or any of the principal members, most especially the Speaker, the two-third majority can impeach such a leader and that was exactly what happened. We don’t want him (Oluomo) as our Speaker, but Mr. Governor was the one who has been begging us not to remove him. The Governor said he knew Oluomo offended us a lot during the 9th Assem- bly and promised to talk to him. After Mr. Governor begged on his behalf that we should vote him again a second time as the Speaker, we listened to him. Baba Segun Osoba also begged us and we forgave him. He collected money on our behalf, but he didn’t give us… Also the money for running the House, … it and we have evidence of all this.

Were you sponsored by anyone to impeach him?

Nobody is sponsoring or instigating us to impeach him. The 18 signatories to his impeachment have been gotten since October and November 2023, but we knew that the governor would presenting the budget and because we have the interest of our people, we could not impeach him then because it might affect the 2024 budget, so we decided to wait after passing the budget. After the passage of the budget, we want- ed to impeach him last week, but someone suggested that we do it after the Supreme Court judgement. This is because people may think we were being sponsored. So, we decided that we will impeach him after the Supreme Court judgment.

Was Oluomo’s impeachment done because of his financial mismanagement case at court?

The impeached Speaker is an arrogant human being. In a sane environment, he should have stepped aside when he was dragged to court. He has always been pleading and we were managing him and he now came again and embezzled our personal money, we can’t continue with that, enough is enough!

What led to the altercation between you and the police after the impeachment?

The police accused me of keeping weapons in my vehicle, so they came to search my car, but before they searched my vehicle, when we were about to leave, we saw a lot of police officers blocking the entrance, trying to get down and in the process, they shot at my tyre, almost at my leg. I was later called that they were searching my vehicle and I approached them, I saw the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu and I asked him why they were searching my vehicle, he said that he heard that there were ammunition in my vehicle. I opened the vehicle for them and they searched, they even searched my engine, they did not see a knife not to talk of any ammunition. It was very embarrassing, we have immunity when we are still at the premises of the Assembly.

The gun that was shot at me is totally wrong, this is against the Nigeria Constitution. The CP told me that he was called by a member (I’m assuming that it is the impeached Speaker) and told them to search my vehicle because I played an active role in his impeachment. And he (Oluomo) has done that to Maba (Kadiri) the former Deputy Speaker. He manipulated every- body to impeach that man even when Mr. Governor was begging us not to do that.

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