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Pokimane Shocks Fans with Hint of Possible Twitch Departure After a Decade

Streamer Pokimane’s latest cryptic post hints at her departure from Twitch, where she has been streaming for a decade now. Needless to say, Pokimane is one of the top streamers on Twitch, making her so popular that she holds the title of the most followed female streamer on the platform. But is she really leaving Twitch?

Read on to learn more about streamer Pokimane’s cryptic post, which suggests she might be leaving Twitch.

Pokimane’s Journey on Twitch

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been one of the most popular Twitch streamers, and her journey on the platform is worth cherishing. With millions of followers across social media, Twitch has brought massive success to Poki, who has been active on the platform for a decade now.

While fans of Poki love to see her stream on Twitch, the recent cryptic post she made may leave her fans upset, as it hints at Poki’s departure from the platform she has been streaming on for so many years. Here’s what her post said about it.

Pokimane shares cryptic post about leaving Twitch

Streamer Pokimane’s massive popularity has made her the face of Twitch’s mobile app on the Apple Store as well. In her recent social media post, Poki shared a screenshot of the Twitch app from the App Store, where her face was featured in the promotion.

However, it was her message on there that caught most of the attention. As she wrote “The end of an era”. She added further “Twitch has been my home for a decade….but it’s time to say thank you for all the memories and love during my League & Fortnite & Among Us days”.

Her cryptic post on social media included the words ‘many tears on my end is what it means.

Twitch’s response to Pokimane’s tweet

After Pokimane’s social media post left everyone concerned about the streamer leaving Twitch, the platform issued a statement too. It said, “What an incredible journey it’s been. We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and what’s ahead in the future. You’ll always have a home on Twitch, Poki”.

Meanwhile, everyone is eagerly awaiting Poki to address her cryptic post in an episode of her podcast, ‘Don’t Tell Anyone,’ scheduled to be released on January 31, 2024.

Not to forget, Poki has been dedicating ample time to her personal life, prioritizing her physical and mental health. However, if she is indeed leaving Twitch, fans would be curious to know the reason behind it as well.

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