SEEPCO Speaheads’ adopt waste bin drive to promote environmental cleanliness



With the climate suddenly switching, environmental engagement is essential. As the human population and overconsumption grow, the waste we produce becomes harder to get rid of.

On January 24, 2024, Sterling Oil Exploration & Energy Production Co. Ltd. (SEEPCO) organised an event themed ‘Adopt a Waste Bin’ to combat the common issues of waste mismanagement in Lagos State.

Dignitaries present at the event were Mrs. Toyin Oguntola – Director, Circular Economy Project, Waste Management Department, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Yewande Obasa Adegbasa – Director, Sanitation Services, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Venerable Adewuyi – Community Development Areas, Chairman, Alimosho LGA, Chief Akeem, A S – Community Development Areas, First Vice Chairman, Alimosho LGA and Mr. Adegoke A. – Supervisor Agriculture and Environment, Alimosho LGA.

Distributing waste bins strategically across communities significantly reduces environmental impact. Placing these bins encourages proper disposal of waste, minimising littering and enabling efficient recycling or disposal processes. The overall waste management process could significantly enhance cleanliness and improve the lifestyle of societies.

At the event, Mrs. Toyin Oguntola said, ‘The problem with our waste is a lot harder to ignore now. This initiative by SEEPCO will enhance the well-being and contribute to environmental preservation. By engaging communities, encouraging sustainable procedures, and advocating a greener future, such programmes will set a standard for support in all facets of humanity. We will be able to move closer to a world where human actions no longer have a negative impact on the natural setting.’

Effective management of waste plays a crucial role in building healthy surroundings. Waste containers will consequently help in curbing disease transmission and preserving cleanliness.

Chief Akeem, A S, expressed, ‘Waste reduction helps minimise the creation of greenhouse gases for a sterile ecosystem.
SEEPCO’s initiative will act as a boon for the community, encouraging environmental cleanliness through the distribution of waste bins. We are grateful to the company for putting up this brave effort.’

SEEPCO is on a mission for a better tomorrow to establish an environment-friendly situation and cost-effective solutions through waste management best practices. It will help to create robust methods and a culture of environmental consciousness among communities. ——————

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