VIDEO: Ex-Nigerian tennis champion, Jacqueline Okwueze wanders streets of Awka, ‘mentally unstable’

Former Nigerian professional tennis player, Jacqueline Okwueze, has been found mentally unstable and wandering the streets of Awka, Anambra State.

Jacqueline, who represented Nigeria in tennis during the 1990s, is a half-cast with a mother from Belarus and a father of Igbo extraction.

In a video shared by @chude_ on X on Sunday, the former tennis champion appeared unstable and was seen begging for money and drinks.

During a conversation with an unidentified man in the video, the tennis star, seemingly nursing a wound on her left leg, stated that she is a former lawn tennis player who has been abandoned.

She mentioned that she has been labeled a prostitute by people in the areas and has been asked to return to her country but considers herself an Igbo lady.

She however, appealed for help saying that she is planning to return to her village the next day to care for her daughter.

She said in parts, “I was a former lawn tennis champion in Nigeria. I don’t know if you are familiar with Tanya Okpala and Jacqueline Okwueze during those days. I played tennis for Nigeria and Africa.”

When asked about using any recreational center for her health, she declined to answer, stating, “I think if somebody is very mentally sick, I don’t think it is my business how the person is taking care of himself or herself.”

See the video below.


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