Amid hardship, Tinubu’s son urges Nigerians to endure

Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu, has encouraged Nigerians to endure the current economic challenges.

He emphasised the importance of enduring these difficult times for the sake of Nigeria’s future, asserting that the tough decisions made by the president should have been implemented years ago.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Seyi Tinubu expressed confidence in the nation’s prospects, stating that the future for Nigeria is promising.

In a post shared on his Instagram handle on Monday, accompanied by the hashtag #OurGenerationWillYieldTheFruitsOfThisHardship, Seyi Tinubu quoted his father, Bola Tinubu, affirming, “There is no joy in seeing the people of this nation shoulder burdens that should have been shed years ago.

“I wish today’s difficulties did not exist. But we must endure if we are to reach the good side of our future.”

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