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Disney Under Fire: Outrage as Ayo Edebiri Cast as Irish Pirate in ‘Pirates 6

Disney is reportedly replacing Johnny Depp with Ayo Edebiri in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6, and fans are disappointed with the news. Fans really can’t imagine any Pirates Of The Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp, which seems unlikely to happen as the latest reports suggest otherwise.

Read on to learn more about Disney’s reported replacement of Johnny Depp with Ayo Edebiri for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6.

Johnny Depp and Pirates of The Carribbean 6 movie

The “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie series has been one of the fans’ favorites for a long time. Johnny Depp, as the lead character of the series, has been the charm of the franchise. However, ever since his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard became public, he has been keeping a distance from the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” series.

Now, with “Pirates Of The Caribbean 6” grabbing the attention of many, there’s speculation that Johnny Depp would return in the sequel. However, the latest news about his replacement in the movie has been concerning his fans a lot. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Disney allegedly to replace Johnny Depp from Pirates Of The Carribbean 6 movie

According to the latest reports circulating on social media, Disney is set to replace Johnny Depp with Ayo Edebiri. An X news handle, Unlimited L’s, shared the news with a post stating, “Disney considers Ayo Edebiri as replacement for Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates 6′”.

The news handle also provided further details about Ayo Edebiri’s potential role as the lead in “Pirates 6”. It stated, “Disney is reportedly considering Ayo Edebiri for the leading role in ‘Pirates 6’, a film that would feature a younger cast of pirates in search of hidden treasure.”

Johnny Depp fans slam Disney for reportedly casting Ayo Edebiri in Pirates 6

According to the latest reports, Ayo in Pirates 6 is set to play the role of Anne Bonny. Bonny was a 17th-century female Irish pirate. However, many have been disappointed by the casting of a non-Irish woman to portray Anne Bonny.

Ayo is Black, with her roots connected to Barbados and Nigeria. Meanwhile, many are also unhappy about Johnny Depp being replaced in the movie. One of Depp’s disappointed fans expressed their frustration, writing, “Nobody will watch this without Depp. When will they learn?”

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