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Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Playmats Are 40% Off To Boost Your Playstyle

Can you believe it’s been 40 years since Dragon Ball first came into the world? Created in 1984 by Akira Toriyama who was inspired by Bruce Lee movies, the manga ran for nine years before being adapted into two anime series, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Since its release, Dragon Ball has become one of the most successful and best-selling manga and anime series of all time and the journey has continued with the success of its trading card game.

With many previous expansions, Dragon Ball Super Card Game now has another line of sets on the horizon as it prepares to release Fusion World on February 16th with the release of four new Starter Decks. If you’re looking to pick the popular card game up, these fantastic looking Dragon Ball Super Card Game playmats are about to make your battle style a whole lot more interesting, and they are also 40% off!

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Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Playmats

  • Goku Playmat

    $27.84 $46.39 Save $18.55

    This Goku playmat features a yellow and red soft polyester surface adorned with illustrations inspired by the world of Dragon Ball.The playmat dimensions come in at 600x350x2 mm.

  • Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Teen Gohan Playmat
    Teen Gohan Playmat

    $27.84 $46.39 Save $18.55

    The custom Teen Gohan playmat features a manga-style strip in various colors from green to yellow and purple. With an easy to roll up material, the soft polyester surface also has a non-slip rubber back so it can be played on without slipping. The playmat dimensions come in at 600x350x2 mm.

  • Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Vegeta Playmat
    Vegeta Playmat

    $27.84 $46.39 Save $18.55

    Gear up for battle with the Vegeta playmat as it showcases a stunning blue hue and features the ruthless and cold-blooded warrior in action. Designed with a non-slip rubber bottom, the playmat ensures optimal stability. The playmat dimensions come in at 600x350x2 mm.

  • Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Broly Z Playmat
    Broly Z Playmat

    $27.84 $46.39 Save $18.55

    The Broly Z playmat comes in a striking lime green color with Broly illustrated artwork, making it super unique and immersive for Dragon Ball fans to deck out their trading cards on. The playmat dimensions come in at 600x350x2 mm..

  • Dragon Ball Super Fusion World Frieza Playmat
    Frieza Playmat

    $27.84 $46.39 Save $18.55

    The iconic Frieza comes out to literally play on this deep purple playmat featuring a soft polyester surface and non-slip back that incorporating the world of Dragon Ball.The playmat dimensions come in at 600x350x2 mm.

Dragon Ball Card Game fans only have a week to go before the new booster set and starter deck series hits stores on Friday, February, 16, 2024. The brand-new booster set and four different starter decks will feature Son Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and Frieza, and will cost $11.99 to purchase. Of course, once you have the Fusion World edition trading cards, you’ll want a great looking playmat to battle on and showcase to your friends, right?

Thanks to Etsy, there are currently five fantastic Dragon Ball Super Fusion World playmats available and, best of all, they all come with 40% off, making it an even more of a valid reason to grab one – or more – so that you and your friends can play in style. Crafted exclusively for fans of the epic and popular card game, the playmats feature a smooth playing surface adorned with artwork of your choice of character, and showcase areas on the mat where you can best play your cards, from an energy space and life box to a battle area and deck area, these playmats are equipped with everything you would want to kick ass.

They are currently on sale for $27.84, that’s 40% of its original price, which is an absolute bargain, but this is for a limited time. The promotional offer will go back to $46.39 after February 16, so get yours right now and save yourself almost $19.

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