Economic hardship: Man stages a lone protest in Akwa Ibom

A 41-year-old man identified as David Ubaha on Monday staged a lone protest in Uyo, the State Capital to register his grievances over the harsh economic situation facing the nation.

Ubaha is a businessman and native of Itu Local Government Area of the state.

He expressed concerns that the situation of the country has become unbearable that most people can no longer cope.

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The lone protester who tucked a placard in the front and back of his shirt expressed disappointment over the high cost of living.

He further said that when ideas are proffered on how to fix the economy, those in leadership positions don’t take such ideas into consideration, adding that such has been a bane of the country’s development.

According to Ubaha,  Nigeria’s problems include the depreciation of the naira, unbearable hardship, ravaging insecurity, unplanned subsidy removal, uncontrolled inflation, and others.

However, Ubaha also offered solutions to revive and resuscitate the economy, calling on President Bola Tinubu to start local production,  invest in mechanical farming, diversify the economy, and revamp dying industries.

The father of two also suggested that Nigeria should stop unnecessary borrowing, equip hospitals, and stop seeking medical attention abroad.

“The idea on how to fix this country does not reside with our leaders alone; it resides with the people, but the saddest episode is that when these ideas are being proffered by the people, the leaders will not take them into consideration.

“On the other hand, the people do not know how to compel the leaders to fix the country for the common good of everybody and the posterity.

“So, I, David Ubaha, a true son of Ibiobio, have sworn  to myself that I will never keep quiet and watch this country go down the drain,” he said.

Highlighting that he was not embarking on the protest to blow his own trumpet alone,  Ubaha said whenever he looks at the situation in the country, his mind always pricks him.

“The situation has affected me negatively. The cost of fuel and food in the market have gone up. I’m not just blowing my trumpet alone, but looking at what the society is passing through, it pricks my mind,” he added.

Earlier,  youths in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, chanting songs to show their own grievances, hit the streets to protest the skyrocketing price of food and the state of the economy.

Reportedly, the protesters gathered around the Mokola area in the state wielding placards with various inscriptions such as ‘End food hike and inflation,’ ‘The poor are starving,’ and ‘Tinubu, don’t forget your promises,’ among others.

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