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Exploring Robert Reid’s Net Worth Preceding His Passing and Career Earnings

Robert Reid: The Basketball Maestro of the Late 70s and 80s

In the annals of basketball history, few names shine as brightly as Robert Reid’s. A stalwart of the Houston Rockets during the late 70s and 80s, Reid’s prowess on the court contributed significantly to his impressive fortune.

The Rise of a Basketball Luminary

Robert Reid emerged as a formidable force on the basketball court, capturing the attention of fans and pundits alike. His tenure with the Houston Rockets became synonymous with skill, determination, and a winning spirit that would define an era.

Stellar Statistics

Reid’s legacy is etched in the numerical achievements he amassed during his illustrious NBA career. With an impressive tally of 10,448 points, 4,168 rebounds, and 2,500 assists, he not only showcased his scoring ability but also demonstrated versatility and a keen understanding of the game.

Houston Rockets: A Team United Under Reid’s Leadership

As a key player for the Houston Rockets, Reid played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s identity. His leadership on and off the court was instrumental in the Rockets’ success during a period that saw them rise as formidable contenders in the NBA.

Sporting Achievements and Accolades

Reid’s excellence did not go unnoticed, earning him accolades that further solidified his status as a sporting star. Whether it was All-Star selections, All-NBA Team nods, or other prestigious honors, Reid’s name became synonymous with basketball greatness.

Impact Beyond the Scoreboard

Beyond the statistical achievements and on-court victories, Robert Reid’s influence extended to the broader basketball community. His commitment to the sport, sportsmanship, and dedication to excellence inspired a generation of aspiring athletes.

Robert Reid (Image: Source)

While Reid’s playing days eventually came to an end, his impact on the world of basketball endured. Post-retirement, he continued to contribute to the sport through coaching, mentoring, and sharing his wealth of experience with the next wave of basketball enthusiasts.

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Robert Reid’s Financial Journey: A Slam Dunk in Success

Robert Reid, a former basketball veteran, left an indelible mark on the NBA during his illustrious 15-year career. Beyond the court, his financial journey reflects the evolving landscape of player salaries in the late 70s and 80s.

Early Years and Estimated Rookie Contract

Selected by the Houston Rockets in the 2nd round of the 1977 NBA Draft, Reid entered the league during an era where contract details were not as transparent as they are today. In the absence of specific figures, it’s reasonable to estimate his rookie contract around the $100,000 mark or potentially less.

During the late 1970s, NBA salaries were relatively modest compared to the present day.

Houston Rockets Stint

Spending over a decade with the Houston Rockets, Reid’s earnings saw a steady increase. From 1985 to 1988, he earned more than $400,000 annually, reaching a peak of $450,000 in the 1987-1988 season. These figures, while modest by contemporary standards, were substantial in an era when the financial landscape of the NBA was still maturing.

Robert Reid
Robert Reid (Image: Source)

Move to Charlotte Hornets: A Career Pinnacle

  • In a pivotal move, Reid signed with the Charlotte Hornets, experiencing the most lucrative deal of his career. The Hornets offered him a one-year contract worth $475,000, highlighting both his skills on the court and the growing financial stature of the NBA.
  • Even in the twilight of his career, Reid continued to secure significant contracts. His one-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1991, valued at $130,000 annually, added to his overall financial stability.
  • While the figures may seem modest when compared to contemporary NBA salaries, it’s essential to consider the financial landscape of the time. The league was steadily growing in popularity and financial standing, making Reid’s earnings commendable in the context of the era.

  • Robert Reid’s financial journey mirrored his successful NBA career. Despite the relatively modest figures by today’s standards, his earnings provided financial stability and reflected the economic conditions of the late 70s and 80s NBA.

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Beyond the NBA: Robert Reid’s Diversified Earnings

Robert Reid’s impact on the basketball court extended beyond the NBA, as he explored opportunities in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) and ventured into coaching and training. This article sheds light on Reid’s earnings outside the NBA, showcasing his diverse efforts to increase his overall fortune.

Robert Reid
Robert Reid (Image: Source)

CBA Stint: A Valuable Addition

While Reid’s fortune amassed primarily from his NBA career, his foray into the Continental Basketball Association added another dimension to his earnings. Playing for the Tulsa Fast Breakers and the Tri-City Chinook, Reid contributed not only to the game but also to his financial portfolio.

Though the earnings in the CBA may not have rivaled those in the NBA, they were a valuable addition to his overall wealth.

Coaching and Training Ventures

Transitioning from player to mentor, Reid ventured into coaching and training. Sharing his wealth of knowledge with the next generation of athletes, he not only contributed to the development of the sport but also diversified his income streams.

Coaching appointments, training sessions, and basketball clinics became integral parts of Reid’s post-playing career.

Global Basketball Workshops

  • As a testament to his commitment to the global basketball community, Reid organized basketball workshops in various nations, including India.
  • These workshops not only showcased his passion for the sport but also provided additional avenues for income. Reid’s willingness to share his expertise internationally further expanded his financial reach.
  • While the majority of Reid’s earnings stemmed from his successful NBA career, his involvement in the CBA, coaching, and global basketball workshops offered a holistic perspective.
  • Diversifying his income streams demonstrated both financial acumen and a genuine passion for the sport beyond personal gain.
  • Robert Reid’s post-NBA endeavors leave a lasting legacy of contribution. Whether on the court in the CBA, on the sidelines as a coach, or in international workshops, Reid continued to impact the basketball world.
  • His financial success, coupled with these diverse ventures, showcases a well-rounded individual dedicated to the growth and perpetuation of the sport.

In Memory of Robert “Bobby Joe” Reid: A Basketball Journey and Spiritual Quest

The late Robert Keith Reid, affectionately known as “Bobby Joe,” left an indelible mark on the National Basketball Association (NBA) during his 13-season career. Beyond the courts, his life took unexpected turns, including a surprising retirement to pursue his Pentecostal faith in Miami, Florida.

Early Life and NBA Career

Born on August 30, 1955, in Atlanta, Reid stood tall at 6’8″ and showcased his basketball talents at St. Mary’s University, Texas. His NBA journey spanned from 1977 to 1991, with stints at the Houston Rockets, Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trail Blazers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Robert Reid
Robert Reid

One of the highlights of his career was the 1980-81 season, where he played a pivotal role in leading the Rockets to the NBA Finals, demonstrating his scoring prowess in Game 1 with 27 points.

NBA Finals and Unexpected Retirement

Despite the success on the court, Reid’s trajectory took an unexpected turn in the following year. The Rockets traded Moses Malone, the reigning MVP, to the Philadelphia 76ers. Following this pivotal move, Reid made the surprising decision to retire from basketball. He then relocated to Miami, Florida, redirecting his focus toward his Pentecostal faith.

Spiritual Pursuits in Miami

  • The move to Miami marked a profound shift in Reid’s life, as he dedicated his time and energy to his Pentecostal faith. While his departure from the NBA surprised many, Reid found a sense of purpose in his spiritual journey.
  • Miami became the backdrop for his exploration of faith and a new chapter in his personal and spiritual growth.
  • Robert “Bobby Joe” Reid’s legacy extends beyond the basketball courts. His contributions to the game, particularly during the Rockets’ run to the NBA Finals, are etched in the annals of sports history.
  • Equally noteworthy is his courage to follow his convictions, retiring unexpectedly to pursue a deeper connection with his Pentecostal faith in Miami.
  • As we remember Robert Keith Reid, we celebrate not only the basketball prowess that defined his NBA career but also the courage and conviction that led him on a spiritual quest.
  • The unexpected turns in his journey serve as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of life, encompassing both athletic achievements and spiritual exploration. May Robert “Bobby Joe” Reid rest in peace, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the boundaries of the basketball court.

In Memoriam: Robert Reid, Rockets Legend, Passes Away at 68

The basketball world mourns the loss of Robert Reid, a Rockets legend who played an instrumental role in the franchise’s early successes. After a courageous battle with cancer, Reid passed away at the age of 68, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the courts.

A Stalwart in Rockets’ History

Robert Reid’s impact on the Houston Rockets is immeasurable. Playing ten seasons with the team, he was a key member during the franchise’s first two NBA Finals appearances. His skill, dedication, and positive presence left an indelible mark on the organization and endeared him to fans around the world.

Robert Reid
Robert Reid

Tilman Fertitta’s Tribute

Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta took to Twitter to express his sorrow over the passing of a beloved Rockets figure. Fertitta highlighted the privilege of knowing Reid for over 40 years, emphasizing the joy and positivity he brought to any room.

The heartfelt condolences extended to Reid’s wife, Diana, and all those who held him dear. Fertitta acknowledged the profound impact Reid had on the team during the ’80s and emphasized the deep void his absence would leave.

Remembering the ’80s Finals

  • Reid’s legacy is intertwined with the Rockets’ memorable journeys to the NBA Finals in the ’80s.
  • The fierce competition and love for the game that he displayed during those Finals left an enduring impression on fans and teammates alike. His contributions during this era will be fondly remembered as part of the Rockets’ rich history.
  • As the basketball community says goodbye to Robert Reid, his absence will be deeply felt. Fond memories of his time with the Rockets and the joy he brought to the sport will live on.
  • The legacy of this Rockets icon extends beyond statistics and championships; it is rooted in the positive impact he had on everyone who crossed his path.
  • In this moment of sorrow, we celebrate the life and career of Robert Reid, a true Rockets legend. His resilience on the court, coupled with his warmth off it, paints a picture of a sportsman and human being cherished by many.
  • As the basketball world reflects on his contributions, we bid a heartfelt farewell to Robert Reid, forever remembered in the hearts of those who admired and loved him.


1. What was Robert Reid’s net worth before his passing?

Ans: The exact net worth of Robert Reid before his passing may vary based on available information. Net worth calculations can involve multiple factors, including assets, investments, and earnings.

2. Can you provide insights into Robert Reid’s career earnings?

Ans: Information about Robert Reid’s career earnings may be available through reliable sources, including records of his work in the entertainment industry. His career spanned various projects, and his earnings may reflect his contributions.

3. What were the significant sources of income for Robert Reid in his career?

Ans: Robert Reid likely earned income from acting projects, endorsements, and other professional engagements. The significant sources of his income would be tied to his successful career in the entertainment industry.

4. Are there details about Robert Reid’s financial investments or business ventures?

Ans: Specific details about Robert Reid’s financial investments or business ventures may not be publicly disclosed. Such information may be considered private and could be unavailable.

5. How is Robert Reid’s financial legacy being managed following his passing?

Ans: The management of Robert Reid’s financial legacy may involve estate planning, legal processes, and decisions made by his family or designated representatives. Information about the ongoing management of his financial affairs would depend on the family’s preferences and legal considerations.

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