Forward Ever Initiative Urges Government Collaboration with GYSAPEO

The Forward Ever Initiative, a prominent civil society organization, has made a compelling call to the Nigerian government to forge a partnership with the Global Youth Skills Acquisition and Poverty Eradication Organisation (GYSAPEO). This collaboration aims to fortify the backing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) nationwide. The initiative was highlighted during a press briefing in Abuja where Ahmed Bello, the National Coordinator of the CSO, emphasized the pivotal role SMEs play in the Nigerian economy.

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Key Points:

During the briefing, Ahmed Bello underscored the critical need for government intervention to support local businesses, particularly through initiatives like GYSAPEO’s Market Money Scheme. This scheme, he noted, could significantly alleviate the financial burdens faced by SME owners across the nation. Bello stressed that amplifying such initiatives is essential to stimulate economic growth and ease the challenges faced by Nigerians.

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The call for collaboration between the government and GYSAPEO aligns with broader national objectives of economic diversification and poverty reduction. Bello highlighted the remarkable achievements of GYSAPEO in nurturing and mentoring entrepreneurs, which have contributed to economic stability and growth. He emphasized the pivotal role of GYSAPEO’s Market Money Scheme in fostering a conducive environment for SMEs to thrive.

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In conclusion, the Forward Ever Initiative’s advocacy for government partnership with GYSAPEO reflects a strategic approach towards addressing the needs of SMEs and promoting economic development. By leveraging initiatives like the Market Money Scheme, Nigeria can empower local business owners and accelerate progress towards broader socio-economic goals.

Closing Statement:

The Forward Ever Initiative remains committed to championing initiatives that enhance SME support and contribute to the overall prosperity of Nigeria. With collaborative efforts between civil society organizations and government agencies, the nation can harness the potential of its entrepreneurial ecosystem for sustainable growth and development.



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